15 DECEMBER 2018

A touch of magic, a gust of sweetness. At Chopard, the big-hearted Maison, the end-of-year holiday season is an enchanted interlude in this fast-paced world. A special moment when those who love each other get together and beat to the same drum, swept away in a whirlwind of beauty. Through all it creates and embodies, the Maison instills the art of luxury gift giving with greatness and nobility: presents become bonds expressing emotion and shared values. Talisman jewellery pieces and moments of grace abound within a majestic celebration. Meaningful creations reveal the striking shimmer of Chopard’s exceptional character. Let the party begin!


The Chopard spirit is about celebrating emotional ties, first and foremost. If this Maison of Grand Luxury is unique in its authenticity, it’s because its history involves a family, united and open-hearted, whose ethical and charitable values have guided the company.
Chopard and the Holiday Season? It’s the proof of a generous heart. The ultimate time of gathering, when people who love each other – despite the twists and turns of life that sometimes come between them – are reunited and become stronger together. Solitary paths converge and reconnect with the joy of being together. That’s the magic of the Holiday Season: remembering everything that connects us. Stepping inside a Chopard boutique will already send shivers down your spine. The reception, the joyfulness, the kindness, and the enthusiastic attention: it imparts everything that shapes the quality of a family-run business– a soul, the proof of a big-hearted Maison.