The Ice Cube jewellery trend to emulate

The time when you wore your favorite luxury jewellery pieces on a daily rotation is over. Our Ice Cube luxury jewellery Collection is coming back in a major way, and it's even stronger worn in combos. Make a statement with urban-inspired minimalist pieces this season! The coolest looks made simple.

Sharp Pieces to Layer Up Adinfinitum

Channel a hint of glam this September with a symphony of ice cubes ready to be stacked-up to suit any luxury jewellery goal. Whether you pair them with a classy office-friendly white shirt or with your favorite leather perfecto, a cascade of lightweight gold chains will always sublimate your cleavage.
Our favorite layer trend? Glorious teams of classic and middle rings piled-up on our fingers. Keep the rest of the look subtle so all attention is drawn to your hands! An instant show-stopper that looks amazing on literally everyone.

9 Pieces of Ice Cube to Glam Up Your September

We've rounded up the Ice Cube luxury jewellery Collection and selected 9 pieces we're obsessing over right now. Suitable both for a Saturday night concert or the rooftop party you're attending next week, here is the luxury jewellery you need to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Dare to mix and match, and find your inner urban heroine with an edgy crew of frosty ridges and peaks.
Infuse your style with a touch of wildness! Assemble the Jungle Green ceramic luxury necklace — a color selected by Rihanna herself for the limited RIHANNA ♥ CHOPARD jewellery Collection — crafted from ethical 18kt 'Fairmined' rose gold, with a pristine Pure bar necklace for an instantly sculptural look.
It's the small things that really finish up a look. If you have a double ear piercing, here's a simple trick to amp up your jewellery game: take two of the same earrings and wear them next to each other to create an attractive asymmetry. Select the lined-up Ice Cube Pure earrings clouded with sparkling diamonds to dress your ears with an avant-garde attitude.
The easiest way to nail the stackable trend? A powerful block of polished luxury rings! Play with gold tints to get the best out of this combo with a rose gold piece inserted between two white gold rings. Add some diamonds and you're all set for an effortless hype silhouette.
Throw on an extra bar necklace over the double-chain multi-facetted brown luxury necklace, that will shape a visual length and layer effect reflecting the tempting geometric spirit of the Ice Cube jewellery Collection. The ultimate way to personalize your basic jeans and suede jacket ensemble.
Ice cube and urban make the perfect pair. What surprising combo will you create this season?