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new releases 2021

Inspired by a fertile imagination, our workshops are proud to reveal the latest new releases fashioned through the know-how of Artisans, experts in their field. Our collections are enriched with men's and women's timepieces, jewellery and Haute Joaillerie creations that once again push the limits of creative genius and reflect our constant quest for innovation.

the distinctive label for men of taste

Orchestrating a perfectly balanced encounter between traditions and new technologies, the L.U.C. collection reflects Chopard Manufacture's approach to certified Fine Watchmaking. Entirely crafted by our workshops, these high-precision timepieces are designed for all gentlemen aesthetes who lead their lives with a subtle blend of elegance, daring and passion.

inspired by nature
alpine eagle

Contemporary and sleek, the sporty-chic Alpine Eagle collection is inspired by the beauty of the Alpine mountains and the majestic force of Nature that reigns there. Beating to the rhythm of chronometer-certified movements, the timepieces in the collection are the ultimate talisman for "contemporary eagles", discerning gentlemen whose vision inspires and elevates.

sovereign elegance

Influenced by the heritage of great empires, the well-designed proportions of the IMPERIALE collection strike a subtle balance between classicism and modernity, combining rigour and strength with femininity and sensuality. IMPERIALE is the showcase of our watchmaking and jewellery expertise, symbolising an encounter between glamour and precision.

Unparalleled excellence in jewellery-making
haute joaillerie

Heartfelt creations born of our Artisans' fertile imagination, the creations in our Haute Joaillerie collection bring together the most precious talismans. Our "Mains d’art" enhance the beauty of exceptional precious stones, age-old treasures of the Earth, in an absolute symbiosis between ancestral know-how and cutting-edge technology.

From expertise to emotion
Meet Our Artisans

The beating heart of the Maison's workshops, our "Mains d'Art" are the creators of the emotions that have given Chopard its reputation for craftsmanship, innovation and respect for tradition since 1860. With humility and pride, these exceptional men and women share the secrets of their know-how through a series of exclusive short films, revealing the unparalleled dimension of both their artistic approach and their genius.

environmental responsibility
100% Ethical Gold

In 2013, our Maison initiated a Journey to Sustainable Luxury, a humbling, long-term commitment to initiate meaningful change in the world of luxury. An essential step in this Journey: since July 2018, we have been using 100% Ethical Gold for the production of our watch and jewellery creations.