May 25th 2011

A spring breeze on the Croisette


Since the 60th anniversary of the Cannes International Film Festival, it’s become a yearly tradition that Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele, Co-President and Artistic Director of Chopard, dreams up a new Haute Joaillerie collection. The pieces are directly inspired by the stars and intended to emphasise their beauty during the legendary climbing of the steps ritual. This year it comprised 64 original creations in honour of the 64th edition of the festival. The Red Carpet Collection 2011 once again testified to Chopard’s considerable talents in the field of Haute Joaillerie. This season’s selection is distinguished by vibrant colours and refreshing charm.

The world’s most glamorous festival provides Chopard with an opportunity to unveil some of its most brilliant creations, to the delight of both the stars that wear them and the public that admires them. Inspired by actresses and deliberately varied, the pieces in the Red Carpet Collection reflect a wide range of hopes and expectations. Whether elaborate compositions or elegant yet simple designs, these adornments radiate discreet luxury and exuberant elegance. The creations portray an infinite spectrum of forms and styles, often combining fine stones and precious gems within the same setting. Eager to offer the best of its expertise, Chopard draws upon the full measure of its diverse talents as well as on its long-established experience, mingling time-honoured gestures, cutting-edge technologies and well-documented research, while taking its taste for excellence and novelty to ever greater heights.

As a regular on the red carpet in Cannes for almost 15 years, Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele is well acquainted with the frenzy surrounding the famous festival staircase, and the tremendous impact of the vision of stars shown around the word during this magical ritual. Having developed friendships with many of these glamorous ladies, she also knows how important this moment is to them, as well as the type of jewellery they dream of wearing. Which is exactly why each year, in cooperation with the Design department, she does her utmost to dream up original unique pieces, so that each festival participant – regardless of the wearer being a legendary star or an up-and-coming actress – will find exactly the jewellery that best fits her personality and will highlight her beauty in a unique way.

The innovative and poetic Red Carpet 2011 collection is an ode to the beginnings of springtime. The bright, often striking tones, and the fresh charm of these creations vibrantly illustrate the exuberant awakening of mother nature after her long slumber. Exuding visions of flower-dotted fields, fruit to be savoured hanging lustrously from branches and glistening in the sunlight: colour is the star of this Red Carpet show! Splendid shades of green – peridots, tsavorites and emeralds – evoke the transformation of the seasons, a year pulsating with new life, while the silvery glow of moon stones and the sparkling white of diamonds evoke the waterfalls and flowing mountain streams one comes across while rambling on a sunny day in the countryside or the mountains. The collection’s key pieces include a necklace and earrings set in emeralds and heart-cut diamonds that immediately catch the gaze. Like vines or slender ivy garlands, this stunning creation appears to be entwined around the neck. The dark green of the emeralds acquires an even deeper and more mysterious aura through its close encounter with diamonds. Gems are seen to gently caress the skin like fluttering leaves. The earrings, composed of a double drop bead, create the illusion of an all-emerald outline with a diamond shadow, as if the sunrays were constantly playing across the delightful creation.

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