August 29th 2016



September arrives and it certainly requires the perfect accessories. Only now, you are a grown-up and lipsticks are the new pencils, a clutch your new backpack and a moleskine your homework note-book. Going back to work in September will always have his special feel of school supplies shopping. So what’s hot this season to make a fashion impression at the office? Follow our 3 styling tips for radiant looks that say waouh. 


 If you can have a different outfit, a different bag and even a different phone-case everyday, we say you should also have a watch that can easily adapt to your fashion moods. The Happy Sport watch with its changeable rubber strap is just the versatile piece that you will need to twist your back-to-work looks. It’s all about mixing and matching to create a playful and personal style attitude. Whether you’re in the mood for sky blue or bright orange, spread the joy around you with vibrant colors and dashing moving diamonds.


The best way to boost a crisp white shirt? Layering! Accumulating pendants in different lenghts will shake up the formal style required at the office.

Our 3 style secrets:

  1. Mixing metals is a bold option for those who want to make a fashion statement without pulling off a bib necklace. A white gold + rose gold + yellow gold trio says refinement!
  2. Geometrics shapes can be mixed together, there’s no limit to how much fun you can have with your jewellery! Try squares with circles, but avoid mixing figurative motifs together. A clover + a heart would be a bit too girly for work.
  3. Always play with motifs of different sizes, by adding tiny pieces to strong ones. A bold Happy Hearts pendant in agate will look simply perfect with a Very Chopard pendant in the same shape.


If you are required to wear a formal attire, jewellery certainly is the one thing to have fun with. Add a pop of color to your little black dress!

A playful wrist certainly is office-appropriate. Try to mix three Happy Hearts bangles. Agate, turquoise, lapis-lazuli, onyx, mother-of-pearl… why choose when you can have them all? Together they’re better!