March 16th 2016

BASELWORLD – Revisiting the Happy Diamonds Collection


Since 1976, Happy Diamonds have been joyfully lighting up the eponymous creations from Chopard. Over the years, the famous moving diamonds have been staged through a myriad precious and joyful watch and jewellery creation. To mark their 40th birthday, we are revisiting the iconic model in which they were first introduced.

While out on a walk in the Black Forest during the 1970s, Chopard designer Ronald Kurowski was entranced by the sight of a waterfall and the thousands of tiny water droplets bursting out from it, reflecting the daylight and sparkling with all the colours of the rainbow.

This vision sparked a brilliant idea: to enable diamonds to sparkle in full dazzling radiance, they should be freed from their settings and allowed to circulate freely. This was born the Happy Diamonds concept destined for a truly brilliant future. “Diamonds are happier when they’re free”: it was in these terms that Karin Scheufele hailed the first creation featuring moving diamonds, a Happy Diamonds watch.

Moving diamonds provide scope for all manner of bold designs and have since been interpreted through a broad range of watches, necklaces, pendants, rings and earrings. Over the years, our Co-President and Artistic Director, Caroline Scheufele, has repeatedly surprised observers by achieving the feat of perpetually reinventing this theme.

Revival of an iconic watch – the Happy Diamonds watch

The first Happy Diamonds model was a men’s watch, a large cushion-shaped timepiece with an 18-carat white gold case and bracelet framing a black dial magnificently highlighting the first moving diamonds. This iconic creation, which won the prestigious Golden Rose of Baden-Baden in 1976, inspired a model celebrating the 40th anniversary of the invention of moving diamonds.

Picking up the initial cushion shape, but this time designed for women, today’s Happy Diamonds watch is a precious jewellery model exuding a charm that is both vintage and contemporary. The prong-set diamonds encircling the dial emphasise its gentle curves, while new mobile diamonds whirl freely across a textured white mother-of-pearl background. There are more of them than ever and they are also larger as well as in different sizes, thereby accentuating their whirling dance and the sense of diamond-studded profusion. Inside this playground, a mini subdial, also ringed with diamonds, bears the watch hands.

A celestial journey- introducing the Happy Dreams collection

Inspired by clouds and borne upon the gentle wings of fanciful reveries, our new jewellery collection, Happy Dreams treats the world’s most joyful diamonds to an ethereal fantasy journey.

Lightness, motion, inspiration and stunning horizons. ‘Looking skyward’ and ‘head in the clouds’: a whole dreamy new vocabulary and unprecedented feather-soft designs are making their entrance into our iconic Happy Diamonds collection. Set against a superb mother-of-pearl background floating amid ‘heavenly’ scenery, the famous moving diamonds continue their dazzling waltz. Happy Dreams is a precious collection displaying even more generously sized moving diamonds featuring a new ‘prong’ setting.

In the Happy Dreams collections, diamonds swirl across textured white mother-of-pearl forming a soft, airy cocoon. Another new feature of these models lies in the fact that all diamonds – including the moving variety – are prong-set, endowing them with an even more striking aura of freedom and ethereal grace. This precious setting technique reveals the diamond in all its pristine purity and nobility.

Happy Dreams is a jewellery collection comprising earrings, a necklace, a ring and a large pendant. The latter, composed of four interlacing circles, is graced with beautifully balanced proportions. Three moving diamonds dance in the foreground, while the other circles – each set with diamonds – are also lit up by a shimmering textured pearl background. The other models feature similar designs but in even daintier sizes, with three or four delicately interwoven gem-set circles of which one is adorned with a prong-set moving diamond.

Happy Sport – A pluralistic watch

Vivid colours, joie de vivre and a vibrant personality! Because life is too short to be lived in monochrome, Happy Sport adopts a strap to be changed at will in step with your moods and the changing seasons. A heritage of simplicity and a penchant for boundless fancies enter the new Happy Sport. In a spirit of do-it-yourself customisation, it offers women the possibility of changing the strap of their watch in the comfort of their home and whenever they feel like it. Matching, mismatching, energising, soothing, dreaming: anything goes as colours interpret ever changing desires. Each season, Chopard will reveal new and ephemeral on-trend colours. It will be up to every woman to choose the dreams in which she wishes to dress her daily life. On the back of the strap, nestling against the skin, the mantra-like “Be Happy” inscription distils its message like a secret lucky charm.