March 16th 2016

BASELWORLD – Precious Chopard – A splendid Haute Joaillerie Collection


We lead the dance and orchestrate a dramatic stage entrance for a twirling, virtuoso Haute Joaillerie collection named “Precious Chopard”, a journey to the heart of dazzling colours distilled by the most precious of all gems: white diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies.

Imbued with the graceful charm of a blooming corolla and the joyful flurry of a whirling tutu, the Precious Chopard collection appears to have escaped from a dream ballet for which we have created the jewellery and a great couturier has designed the costumes. Delicate and precious, finely wrought and lit up by exquisite gems, the Precious Chopard collection is a lacework of intermingled creativity and emotion.

A unique spirit

When a ballerina performs a jump, there is an incredible moment of miraculous suspension, those wonderful seconds of weightlessness when the audience holds its breath. It is precisely this moment of magic that is captured in the watch from the Precious Chopard collection, much like a dancer in mid-air – feather-light and ignoring the laws of gravity – whose skirt flares out, unfurling like a flower in spring. The collection comprises a watch, a pair of earrings and a ring, each of which picks up this laced-edge petal motif.

Just as Haute Couture works only with exceptional fabrics, giving life to our collection naturally called for the most beautiful stones, Diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies and thus only the most precious gems that make these finely crafted skirts swirl and twirl. The preview presentation of the Precious Chopard collection features its sapphire interpretation, imbued with a deep blue shade that endows the three creations with splendidly noble elegance.

Precious Chopard creations

The spectacular watch is set with pear-cut blue sapphires, brilliant-cut pastel sapphires and white diamonds, composing a subtle and airy lacework pattern. On the dial, baguette-cut sapphires surround a dainty corolla evoking a floral motif with snow-set sapphires and diamonds. The watch bracelet picks up this ornamental jewellery lacework theme and the model is also available with a satin strap. The earrings and the ring are graced with the same delicate curves, finely adorned with a lacy pattern of pear-cut sapphires and hemmed with diamonds, while the ring is crowned by a brilliant-cut central  blue sapphire.

Jewellery expertise

The Precious Chopard collection supremely embodies technical virtuosity dedicated to resolutely modern artistry, testifying to the broad stylistic repertoire of the Geneva-based House. Chopard creations belong to the finest Haute Joaillerie tradition and showcase artistic skills exercised at their very highest level: wax-sculpting experts, jewellers, stone-cutters, gem-setters and polishers. From lines to volumes, from goldsmithing to fashioning precious stones, they push the boundaries of feasibility and combine their talents in breathing life into the most beautiful jewellery.

Creative boldness

While these creations involve classic expertise and faithfully safeguarded traditions, they are also nurtured by exceptional inspiration and boldness, vividly testifying to the major role played by Chopard on the contemporary Haute Joaillerie scene. Collections such as Animal World or Fleur d’Opales reveal an impressive creative vitality as well as the unbridled imagination of the company’s co-president and artistic director, Caroline Scheufele. She has been the driving force behind the development of the Chopard Haute Joaillerie collections.