March 23rd 2017

Baselworld 2017 – Happy Hearts for the free-spirited


Today, Happy Hearts stands full-fledged and joyful, as a line of its own. Born from the Happy Diamonds Collection with an assertive character and a playfully creative streak, the line combines two major signature elements of the House: moving diamonds and hearts. The result is simply stunning. Contemporary in design, bold in colors and generous in hearts, the line spreads a youthful energy through its complete range of necklaces, pendants, rings, bracelets and bangles. Mix and match them up for a full fashion effect!

Happy Hearts jewellery is vivaciously adorned with hearts in all sizes, either cut-out or set with brightly colored stones. The free-moving diamond adds that extra something that makes these pieces truly unique, and very mesmerizing, as you can secretly watch your very own dancing diamond for hours on end.

A favorite in the line is the Happy Hearts Sautoir necklace with its trio of diamonds and delicate mother-of-pearl. A subtle combination that works for your office attire but that will take you to a dinner with a little black dress. It’s the perfect gift for your best friend, she’s been longing for one since she discovered the line thanks to you.

If you are more of the adventurous type, imagine yourself racing through the desert your best friend at your side, your hair in the wind and a pair of turquoise Happy Hearts Earrings dangling along your free movements.

But then again, you might just want to slip on your favorite pairs of jeans and a matching Happy Hearts Ring in blue stone for the weekend. This gorgeous ring with its cluster of hearts in all sizes and its dancing diamond is a true expression of freedom of spirit and playfulness and is always your best friend.

Happy Hearts is for those who love jewellery with a fun twist. This year at Baselworld, we will happily introduce two new sophisticated and precious versions to the collection: hello to malachite and tiger’s eye! For the very first time, the jewellery creations are not only built around hearts set with a coloured stone and fitted with moving diamonds, but delicately alternate between moving diamonds, diamond hearts and hearts set with fine stones.

The delightful result is an even more appealing combination, you and the girls will be head over heels with these striking novelties that bring a whole new dose of splendor and surprise to our Happy Hearts line. Are you Happy Diamonds? Enjoy!