November 12th 2012

Belle – A Disney-inspired work of art


Inspired by Belle’s personality from ‘Beauty and the Beast’, and by the shape of her yellow gown, we present a white gold necklace set with precious and fine stones – symbolising love and the changing shades of life.

The enchanting “Disney Princess Collection” was dreamed up by Caroline Scheufele, our Co-President and Artistic Director, in collaboration with Disney and Harrods. Designed with the iconic Disney Princesses in mind comes an exclusive High Jewellery collection which will mesmerize you.

The manner in which Belle’s graceful gown floats from one layer into the next, so do the stones used in this piece, using shading from one side of the neck to another, starting from an electric blue 69-carat pear-shaped tanzanite and blue round sapphires, swimming through purples and violets with marquise-cut and oval amethysts. Pear, square and round-shaped rubellites add strong shades of magenta, followed by morganites, kunzites and spinels.

The shading concludes with round pink and white diamonds while the heart-shaped pink sapphires represent Belle’s caring nature, connecting back with the magnificent tanzanite, reminiscent of her great love for her prince. The dress-like frills of the design, the pleasantries of the warm hues and the pear-shaped structure of the necklace make it an exceptional work of art. A matching ring and earrings beautifully complete this unique set.

This necklace is both an aesthetic and technical performance. It took more than 900 hours of work and no less than 10 talented artisans to “embroider” it. 1’551 precious stones, for a total of 372 carats, of which the 69-carat pear-shaped tanzanite, were needed to accomplish this masterpiece.

We invite you to our Boutique at Harrods to discover the magical “Disney Princess Collection” by Chopard, on display until the end of December, 2012.