September 12th 2013

Business Attitude with the Happy Sport Chrono Ceramic


In her second instalment on our iconic Happy Sport collection, fashion blogger Kristina Bazan conjures up a very appealing business “attitude” look based around a stunning Chrono Ceramic.

“In business, the hard thing is to recognize dress limitations, and to be able to play on subtleties without hiding under an outfit devoid of any personality. There are several ways of rejuvenating that old suit and a Happy Sport watch is one of them. The devil is in the details, so taming one’s Happy Sport watch with a gold-embroidered blazer, or a touch of aubergine lip balm gives the whole outfit a lift and adds a more unique, personal appearance while remaining within the corporate guidelines.”

The Happy Sport chrono in its chocolate version was issued in 2010. Made of ceramic, rose gold, diamonds and rubber, it has proved the perfect recipe for a contemporary timepiece that is both innovative and fashionable.

Kristina Bazan’s association of Happy Diamonds and Chopard accessories will no doubt make you stand out from the office crowd.

Find out more information about these sweet jewels and accessories in the following slideshow.

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