August 18th 2015

One week in Chopard’s Wonderland


Are you ready to join Alice for one week of stunning enchantment in Wonderland?

Can you spot the white rabbit running late again – while glancing at his pocket watch? But leaving that traditional timepiece behind, let’s add a modern twist – in chic rose gold or sleek steel, the Happy Sport Medium Automatic with its freely flowing diamonds is the perfect playful choice. In an enchanted garden – on the other side of the looking glass – we allow ourselves to become bewitched…

Once you are sure of the hour, let’s not lose a moment – an elegant garden party awaits Alice.

Her insatiable curiosity is equalled only by her perfect manners, so join us in a world of luxurious enchantment, in which everything is back to front and nothing is too real to be too beautiful.
In this fantasy world, something rather unexpected seems to have happened to those teacups and chairs… But no matter! Alice is the majestic queen in Wonderland, with a rose gold and amethyst ring and earrings – she’s crowned with sensual IMPERIALE jewels.

And now, time for a lazy moment, wishing the world away on a summer’s afternoon, sunkissed skin under the hazy sunbeams, while dreaming of the sumptuous stones of the Haute Joaillerie collection… But what’s that? A key, you say? Haste, haste – time for a peek at that radiant watch…

“The sun sets already?” said Alice as she gazed at her reflection in the enchanted mirror. On the other side of the looking glass, the curious little girl seems to have grown up so soon, but let us not forget – one is never too old for the playful charms of Happy Diamonds pieces! But now we can leave Alice to the world of secret, magical dreams – Wonderland exists for us every day if we simply believe in the power of beauty.