May 24th 2015

Colorful Precious Stones Take The Spotlight At The Cannes Film Festival


While Cannes is synonymous with sparkling diamonds, precious stones have a power to mesmerize that grows every year. Against the vivid backdrop of the Cote d’Azur, with its aquamarine waters and lush green palm trees, what could be better than a pop of jewel-toned color to complement the glamorous Cannes mood?

Whether enhancing a floral ensemble, finishing off a color-blocking theme, or referencing nature, color has a tendency to turn heads. Here we take a look at some of the mix masters who brightened the red carpet at Cannes this year.

Lea Seydoux chose an ensemble that radiated French chic while making a witty reference to her 2013 Palme d’Or winning film Blue is the Warmest Color. She played with two different shades of blue, wearing a pale dress and vibrant pear-shaped sapphire earrings plus a sapphire ring.

Spanish actress Blanca Suarez showed off her style with rubellite tourmalines (47 carats), turquoises, white diamonds and tsavorites earrings from our Red Carpet collection. The tiered Chandelier style, reminiscent of classical Spanish earrings, corresponded perfectly with her festive floral dress.

Academy Award winner Julianne Moore wore our pear-shaped emerald earrings (52 carats) set with white diamonds in platinum from Chopard’s Red Carpet Collection, and an octagonal emerald ring (13 carats). The emerald tones beautifully offset her creamy complexion and red hair.

Isabella Rossellini was iconic at the Opening Ceremony in a color-blocked white, red and pink dress which she paired with ruby earrings (57 carats) set in 18-karat rose gold and a ruby ring (24 carats) set in 18-karat rose gold.

Indian actress Sonam Kapoor wore a delicious pair of ruby earrings from our Copacabana collection that beautifully highlighted her lemon-colored dress.

The lovely Fan Bing Bing displayed her red-carpet creativity proving that when it comes to pastel, more is more. She paired aquamarine earrings (18 carats) featuring amethysts, tanzanites and white diamonds from our Temptations Collection with her fanciful floral dress.