November 30th 2016

Discover Our Holiday Gift Guide


The holiday season is a time of unparalleled precious moments. Daytime might mean cozy afternoons spent with your family by a roaring fire, with fresh, swirling snow on the ski slopes outside. While nights are all about dazzling cocktail parties, twinkling city lights, chic dresses, tuxedos, and sophistication.

 Whether you relax in style or glam it up, one thing is certain: the holidays are about accumulating memories. You want to enjoy it, instead of hunting for gifts at the last minute! We’ve created this early shoppers gift guide to help you cross everyone off your list right now, so you won’t miss a moment with them this glamorous season.

 For your wife or fiancée:

She prefers audacious looks, and you love that about her.  This is the perfect opportunity to give her something statement-making that will dazzle during the holiday season, and throughout the year. Take a cue from Poppy Delevingne’s Happy Diamonds selection and choose simple Happy Curves earrings that she can pair with a black dress and chignon.

Do you want to bestow her with a gift she can wear during her relaxed moments? Is she the type who playfully stacks bracelets to her heart’s content? Then you can do no wrong with some Happy Hearts bangles. Give her a few so she can accumulate them on her wrist for an insouciant French girl effect, similar to Negin Mirsalehi.

For your husband or fiancé:

If he appreciates ultimate precision and timeless craftsmanship, he’ll be seduced by the Mille Miglia watch, with its rubber strap suggesting tyre-treads and a 44 mm stainless steel case, it brings the world of racing to his outfit. COSC-certified, it has a refined weight that feels good on the arm.

For your mother:

Could there be anyone more worthy of a dazzling gift than your mother? Bestow her with something regal and refined, to match her stylish attitude. Anything from our IMPERIALE collection would be suitable, but we especially recommend the IMPERIALE Cocktail pendant. It’s perfect for adding definition to her loose silk tops.

For your father:

A gentleman’s watch is certainly appropriate for your father, which makes the L.U.C. collection an excellent choice. But which one in particular? Is he a serial traveler? With its impeccable elegance and state-of-the art technical sophistication the L.U.C Time Traveler One displays all the time zones simultaneously.

For your sisters and brothers:

It’s fun to shop for sisters and brothers because we often have the impression that anything goes! But rather than something predictable, how about making an effort to show how much you appreciate their unique taste? If your sister is a lively fashionable type, she’ll love injecting a joyful pop of color to her looks with the uncluttered lines of this classic Box-like handbag made from fine blue caviare-printed calfskin leather.

If your brother is a watch geek, the spirit of the great watchmaking tradition expressed in this L.U.C table clock will suit him perfectly. The exquisite craftsmanship by the Chopard Manufacture transforms this everyday item into an object that will be used and cherished for many years to come.