February 08th 2017

Elegance and attitude with Tom Claeren


Tom Claeren describes himself as passionate about the elegant way of life and confident that elegance can be found everywhere, and it only takes a quick glance at his Luxury Lifestyle Magazine or his Instagram account to be convinced he is right. Between two trips to luxury resorts aboard the fanciest car you could dream of, he sat down with us to talk about watches and what  it takes to be a real modern gentleman.

What is your favorite piece from the L.U.C collection? And how do you like to wear it?

My favorite piece from the L.U.C collection is the L.U.C Quattro Platinum. I really love its classic shape, sleek design and its distinctive grey-blue dial which is quite rare. I like wearing this watch with a classy attire, grey or navy blue suit to make a perfect combination.

Can you define what is a modern gentleman for you?

Our society is evolving fast with a lot of innovation, new technologies, the growing daily presence of digital social media in our life. A modern gentleman should be able to live and work with these tools, evolve with them but also, keep in his lifestyle the classic true gentleman’s behavior mixing elegance, good manners, taste and education.

Could you give us some styling tips to have the style of a gentleman?

Being a gentleman is a matter of attitude first. The style comes as shell and it should be classy, elegant, with an utmost attention to detail. Each gentleman can then adopt his own style while following common gentleman’s characteristics: sharp and clean style, no room for too many effects.

What is the one thing a modern gentleman should always find time for?

His family.

Family, which can also include the very closest friends, constitutes a necessary and solid base for everyone’s development and happiness. There should always be time for family.

What would be the perfect agenda of a gentleman’s day?

The perfect day would be very different for one person to another but here are some options.

Let’s starts early with a session of one’s most favorite sport training. This brings energy to the coming day and allows ideas to flow through the mind. I personally love doing boxing training in the morning.

Then it’s all about working on your professional life goals. Developing business opportunities, networking and stimulating my creativity through visual content creation with photo and film productions.

The end of the day could be spent in different ways. One option is to go to an old style classic bar with live jazz music, enjoy a good whisky with friends or the person you love. This can be followed by a fine dinner, an elegant event or simply a cosy evening with family.

If you had to remember one moment of your “man of taste” life, what would it be?

This day would be the day I have decided to launch my lifestyle blog and digital content production. This is a real passion and allows me to express my creativity and potentially inspire people. I remember this day well, it has been an act of good taste so far and I would advice every gentlemen to chase their passion, to take action, and make it happen.