July 08th 2015

Enhancing Summer Looks With Sparkling Must-Haves


Summer is a blessed season when all fashion experiments become possible. Complementing a caramel complexion with allure and radiance, jewellery and watches illuminate the skin with gold accents. Whether you plan a season of relaxing in style, romantic dates by the beach or trendy nights in the city, our sunny must-haves will make a precious match to whichever lifestyle you may want to adopt.

Cultivating your inner Brigitte Bardot by spending a month on the French Riviera? Nothing could be better-suited than a romantic white boho dress with lace details. Such a delicate daylook should be adorned by a feminine touch echoing the vibrant waters of Marseille’s hidden coves. Choose our turquoise Happy Hearts Sautoir in 18-carat rose gold to follow your moves with grace and attitude. Its timeless feel looks even more ravishing when layered with a mother-of-pearl Happy Hearts pendant, as it adds a playful vibe to the ensemble.

If you’re more of a Jackie O, your idea of a perfect summer might just be to spend it in Rhode Island or New England, and these iconic spots sure have their very own style uniform: a Breton stripes tee, high-waisted jeans and a silk scarf in your hair. That not-so-casual look requires a hint of sleek chic to glam it up, and our bold white gold Happy Sport watch is perfect for that purpose. Forget about the too classic pearls that would usually match with this kind of look. Instead, mix gold shades to create a fun arm candy, by pairing your watch with two rose gold Happy Hearts bracelets in onyx and mother-of-pearl.

For a summer made of romantic escapades in a dreamy location, sunglasses are an absolute essential. Gold sandals and a crisp white shirt-dress will look natural and effortless. Add a playful dimension to this minimalist look by pairing it with our rose gold, turquoise and diamond Happy Hearts bangle and our Happy Fish watch with its tiny gold fish.

White sand and turquoise waters might be our favourite holiday option, but we won’t blame you for choosing a city break. If a little black dress is an ideal companion for sipping fancy cocktails with your friends, make sure to pick one with unexpected details to match the summer’s light mood. Ruffled sleeves, tiny pearl buttons or a fun bead appliqué will boost this timeless option, while a bright fuchsia handbag in calf skin will make a dashing accent to this night owl look.

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