November 26th 2014

Forever Love-the wedding ring


An ancient tradition, it is believed that the first wedding bands were made of hemp and other plant materials and exchanged by the Egyptians around 3000 BC. After, they were quickly replaced with more durable materials such as leather and ivory and later on with gold and silver bands by the Romans.

A ritual in many different cultures, the evolution of the ring and the placement of the ring has changed throughout time according to different beliefs. Yet, the band has always represented the same message…eternal love. As a symbol of infinity, the tradition to wear the ring forever means it is important to truly be happy with your wedding band.

With our different wedding band collections, choose whether you prefer to shine brightly with a statement ring; be modern; or be classic in a timeless ring.

Heure du Diamant, a statement ring to say “I love you” every second of the day.

With its stunning band of 24 brilliant-cut diamonds totaling approximately 2.00 carats and individually set in gleaming 18-carat white gold, the Heure du Diamant ring shines infinitely just like your truly sparkling love.

Rings from the Ice Cube and Chopardissmo collections represent a contemporary expression of love.

Created from timeless white gold, the Ice Cube ring‘s unique geometric design features a quartet of diamonds for a hint of understated sparkle, a modern token of love. Utterly unique and perfectly refined, the Chopardissimo line is signature Chopard. Enhanced by the beautiful calligraphy of the engraved logo it is contemporary, yet timeless.

Timeless collection, symbolizes everlasting true love.

The pure lines of Chopard’s Timeless collection stand the test of time. Assured and confident, this 3.0-mm squared band in polished 18-carat gold or platinum goes perfectly with the stunning Chopard For Ever diamond engagement ring; a heart-shaped brilliant-cut diamond of 0.50 carats or more that takes center stage on a classic setting of platinum engraved with the Chopard “C.”

We kindly invite you to visit our bridal boutiques and discover the many options to represent your promise to one another. Our bridal assistants will assist you in choosing and personalizing the wedding bands, shall you choose to engrave the rings with a sentiment of your love.