March 13th 2012

Happy 8 – An infinity of happiness


As it whirls and twirls along the paths of good fortune, Chopard jewellery shines with the glow of joyful days at BASELWORLD. The Happy Diamonds collection explores the symbolism of the figure 8 and places its creations under a lucky star.

The light, playful and sparkling dance of the famous Happy Diamonds is exploring an auspicious new tempo as it chances its luck with the figure 8. Throughout history and many different cultures, 8 has always been seen as a good omen, a token of balance, completeness and prosperity: the promise of happiness tinged with an aura of infinity.

In China, the figure 8 conveys a particularly powerful symbolism: considered a lucky number, it is believed to augur well for the success of human endeavours. The Beijing Olympic Games were indeed opened on 08.08.2008 at exactly 8.08 pm! In the West, 8 is also a powerful symbol which, when shown horizontally, represents infinity, with its self-enclosed, uninterrupted lines evoking the absence of any limits.

The ideal curves, richness and power of the figure 8 have inspired us to create a collection where the infinity purity of the lines echoes that of the materials in a subtle association between diamonds and white gold. In these pendants, the spirit of Happy Diamonds is ever present through the free-spirited play of the precious gems, while the curves of the 8 find a stylistic echo in the interlacing circles. Metaphorical infinity thus becomes a dazzling embrace, guided by a universal lucky sign.