July 09th 2012

IMPERIALE seen through Caroline Scheufele’s eyes


Caroline Scheufele, Co-President and Artistic Director of Chopard, gives us her personal view about the IMPERIALE refined world and personality.

First, where does the name IMPERIALE come from?

The name IMPERIALE have been inspired by distinctive imperial periods such as the Byzantine, Greek, Oriental and Roman Empires. The splendours of the imperial age are expressed throughout this sculptural collection.

How can you describe the IMPERIALE collection?

Very emblematic of Chopard signature: it radiates an aura of timeless chic embodying a subtle alliance of majestuous simplicity and sophisticated sensuality.

Where does the “IMPERIALE motif” come from?

The motif was inspired by the traditional embroideries that used to decorate imperial gowns and cushions. As much ethereal and delicate than precious and voluptuous, the IMPERIALE motif lends itself to a wide range of refined compositions.

On what occasion you would wear an IMPERIALE creation?

IMPERIALE appears in an infinite variety of interpretations, appealing to the most demanding woman, and so to accompany them on all occasions…by day, by night, and forever.

How would you portray the IMPERIALE woman personality?

My inspiration is drawn from refined and sophisticated women with strong personalities who appreciate the discreet luxury of extremely beautiful objects.

Thus, she is represented as a  woman of classical, refined tastes searching for a feminine watch and jewels that simultaneously provide both a strong presence and timeless discretion.

What is her life motto?

Always be spontaneous and audacious. Live life fully.

Can you name three things the Imperiale woman can’t live without?

Family, love and diamonds.

What is her greatest luxury?

Find free time. For herself and the people she loves.

Finally, describe IMPERIALE in two words:

Sophisticated and sensual.