October 10th 2014

Kristina Bazan – A sparkling fashion month collaboration


We caught up with Kristina Bazan, the influential Swiss fashion blogger and founder of www.kayture.com, just after she completed the entire fashion month circuit (New York, London, Milan and Paris) for the first time. Over the course of her journey, she selected Chopard pieces in each city, incorporating them into her looks. We wanted to discover Kristina’s impressions of her time at the shows, and to explore the intersections of her style and influences as she travels around the world.

This whirlwind month was filled with many highlights for Kristina, but nothing compared with receiving recognition from her esteemed followers and peers in the industry. “This fashion month was the most intensive yet rewarding experience ever,” Kristina explains, “as we had the chance to win Blogger of the Year at the Bloglovin awards held during NYFW, an international recognition from the industry that we are so grateful for. Millions of followers voted for us online which makes this prize even more special. During Milan fashion week, we reached our first million followers on Instagram and the look I wore to the Dolce Gabbana show got chosen as one of the best of Milan fashion week according to New York Times magazine’s The Cut.”

As for the most unforgettable shows, she says,“It’s hard to name only one but I would say my four biggest highlights were Dolce Gabbana, Dior, Chloé and Louis Vuitton.”

Kristina blended the Chopard pieces with her own fashion week outfits for an effect that was sometimes subtle, sometimes dramatic, but always personal. One cannot help but wonder what sparks her imagination as she puts together a look. Does the clothing inspire the jewellery choice or vice versa?

I am very sensitive to details and to jewellery,” Kristina says, “which I consider being the perfect punctuation, elevating any look. In this case, a lot of my outfits were actually inspired by the jewellery. For me, Chopard is all about that elegant playfulness. It’s just as luxurious as it is modern, fresh and fashionable. I was looking for something sleek, extremely sophisticated, yet with that interesting, fun twist. That’s why most of the time I turned to the Happy Diamonds collection. The pieces were perfect for street style as they are beautiful statements, perfect for day and night and quite nice in movement as the little diamonds move within the jewels. In terms of watches, I am a big fan of the full metal watches and clean designs. The one from the IMPERIALE collection was an absolute dream to wear.”

She continues,The piece that I was the most in love with was this beautiful, iconic watch that I wore in New York for the Bloglovin awards. It looked like a vintage Chopard jewel with it’s round diamond cadran and sleek, elegant yellow gold bracelet. I had such a personal attachment to it. There’s a common belief that Chopard pieces bring luck, as many artists won prizes wearing Chopard. I am sure our award had something to do with this as well!”

Kristina’s personal style seems to incarnate the Chopard spirit.Elegance with a fun, fresh, modern and playful twist, that’s what it’s all about,” Kristina confirms. “It’s being timeless and putting special care into quality while keeping an eye on everything that’s ahead. It’s moving along with the time, re-inventing yourself and having fun with life and fashion.”

The Chopard brand represents her definition of glamour because “they dare to exceed limits and play with luxury to create real art that relates to people and touches them in the most beautiful and profound way.” She mentions that her own style icons, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn shared this same quality of being able to touch people: “Above all, these are woman who were beautiful inside and out, with not only impeccable looks but also so much intelligence and humility.

Curious about the life of a busy blogger during the shows, we ask Kristina to describe a typical day. “The wake up call is usually really early, around 6:30 or 7 a.m.,” she says. “We then go through the schedule with the whole team to coordinate all the details such as the drivers, the invitations, the meetings. We also keep in mind the content that needs to be created throughout the day. Then around 9:30 a.m. we head out and attend shows until hopefully lunchtime when we try to have a quick break and grab something on the go. After that there are more shows, meetings and presentations. We like to shoot our looks by the end of the afternoon to have a more subtle and delicate light. After that we head back to the hotel to change and get ready for the evening’s events. We usually have a dinner planned as well as have 2 or 3 invitations for event parties each fashion week evening. We’re usually back at the hotel around midnight or later. We then go through some emails and I write my article for www.kayture.com. If needed, we wake up earlier the next day to post it live and correct the little mistakes or update the links. Of course, throughout the day, we post a lot of messages on our social media!”

And how does she maintain stamina, when there is not much time to relax? Secrets include surrounding herself with people she loves, creating an environment of teamwork, and breaking at least once per day for lunch or dinner. She adds that when it comes to looking her best, concealer, coffee and dry shampoo are essential items, “I thank make-up and coffee every morning during fashion month for existing!”

But Kristina explains that there’s also something personal to keep her going during those jam-packed days, “The most important thing for me is the connection I have with my readers and the content and stories we create.”

At only 20 years old, this successful and busy blogger must receive advice often, but which lesson has stuck with her? “Never look back with regrets,” she says. “Move forward and learn from each mistake.”