April 24th 2013

L.U.C Engine One H – Automotive spirit & horological precision


As BASELWORLD – the World Watch and Jewellery Show – opens its doors on April 25th, we are proud to unveil an aesthetic hybrid combining authentic automobile mechanics with fine watchmaking – the new L.U.C Engine One H.

Endowed with a fundamentally singular, sporting and technical nature, the L.U.C Engine One H combines the very best of two mechanical expressions. The finishes on its Chopard Manufacture tourbillon movement evoke those commonly appearing on engines, while its horizontal layout reflects the design of racing-car cockpits. This exceptional timepiece offers fresh proof of Chopard’s passionate attachment to the competitive racing world and its values based on a blend of performance and pleasure.

The parallels between automobiles and watchmaking feature a depth and variety that we have been consistently exploring for many years. The structure of the L.U.C Engine One H can truly be interpreted like that of a car. It is equipped with an engine (mechanical rather than of the internal combustion type), fitted with a single lengthways-positioned cylinder (the tourbillon). It is topped by a grooved cylinder head (its bridges) in nickel silver and steel instead of die-cast aluminium.

Its engine speed is stable at around 480 revs per minute (meaning 28,800 vibrations per hour or 4 Hz). To optimise its performance, it spins on its own axis (the tourbillon). It is equipped with a transmission system (the going train). Its fuel tank (the barrel) guarantees 60 hours of running autonomy (power reserve).

The cap of this fuel tank (the crown) has been enlarged to ensure an easier grip when refuelling in the pits (winding and setting to time). Its performance and precision have been verified on an independent test bench (the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute, or COSC). The engine (L.U.C Calibre 04.02-L) is mounted on shock-absorbers (chassis mounting rubbers) that help protect it from impacts. The titanium from which its bodywork (the case) is made makes it light, scratch-resistant and eminently biocompatible.

The L.U.C. Engine One H in titanium, a 100-piece limited edition, provides a superbly legible display of its various items of information. While the hours and minutes are shown by central hands, the power reserve is read off on the left, much like a fuel gauge. The small seconds are fitted on the tourbillon and appear on the right, like a speedometer.

Designed and built by Chopard Manufacture in Fleurier, the L.U.C 04.02-L calibre of this timepiece reflects our in-house approach to watch manufacturing. A family business with a strongly ingrained philosophy of independence, Chopard fully masters the comprehensive range of watch production operations involved in the making of each watch in the L.U.C collection, from movement development to assembly, adjustments and quality controls.