April 15th 2014

L.U.C Lunar Big Date: A new design for a grand classic


What could be more inspiring than to stay in permanent touch with the Moon? With its portion of the night sky visible on the dial, the L.U.C Lunar Big Date is a vivid reminder of the enduring ties between our time and the sky above us.

First launched in 2009, the L.U.C Lunar Big Date now gets a whole new glow by adopting the full design codes of the new L.U.C aesthetic. The moon phase is so accurate that the difference between the true lunar cycle and the indication given by the timepiece amounts to just one day every 122 years.

The vision of the Moon seen from Earth changes in time with its rotation: its visible side may be completely lit up by the Sun (full Moon), entirely plunged into darkness (new Moon) or only partially illuminated (various moon phases). The interval between two identical moon phases – called a month or a syndical revolution – is equivalent to 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes and 2.8 seconds.

Achieving such accuracy in a wristwatch is an extremely complex feat to which Chopard Manufacture has risen with significant talent. The L.U.C Lunar Big Date is endowed with an extremely precise device in which the wheel driving the moon-bearing disc comprises 135 teeth. The indication is so precise that the discrepancy between the mechanism and the real lunar cycle amounts to just one day in 122 years. The various moon phases are visible for both Northern and Southern hemispheres through a particularly large aperture ensuring easy readability. In addition, the Northern part of the disc features the Big Dipper constellation, while the Southern part displays the Southern Cross.

This exceptional timepiece will surely be the perfect match for every watch connoisseur, adding an elegant note to any business outfit, as well as a sophisticated and classy touch to a more casual suit on a romantic dinner under the moonlight with your beloved one.