July 22nd 2013

La Strada Collection – The line and the spirit of Fellini


In tribute to the legends of the 1950s Italian cinema and to the timeless beauty of women, Chopard reinvents La Strada, a collection epitomising elegance and voluptuous charm. With feminine watches and jewels interpreted in the various gold colours, “La Strada” returns more glamorous than ever, as a pathway to pure emotions.

La Strada: the extraordinary evocative power of these words single-handedly conveys the birth of a legend, that of filmmaking according to Federico Fellini. This was the film that made the director a household name and earned him his first international success. Fellini stands for a kaleidoscope of images now ingrained on the collective consciousness: the glamour of the Fifties, the magic of light sublimated by black and white, the strength and the timeless beauty of women. Fellini also spells a singular approach to dramatic composition, based on poetry, fantasy, the infinite power of love, as well as eternal beauty confronting the world and its prevailing chaos. These are the very values that have pervaded the spirit and the aesthetic of the House of Chopard right from its origins.

Symbolising Italian neo-realism, La Strada is a film imbued with lyricism and a luminous life force that remains undimmed by the brutality of the world. Federico Fellini’s beautiful wife, Giulietta Masina, literally lights up the screen, suffusing the film with her vibrancy, her charisma and her elegance in the face of adversity.

A keen film-lover, Caroline Scheufele, Chopard’s Co-President and Artistic Director, explains: “Chopard has always been keen to support and accompany actors and actresses, and we wished to pay tribute with La Strada to the producer who perhaps did the most to put women in the spotlight. In designing this model, I found myself entranced by all these cinematographic images… Looking at a film reel and remembering the “San Pietrini” – the typical paving stones of the streets of Rome, inspired me for the lines of La Strada. This collection is a tribute to black and white movies, to Fellini’s film-making, and to the timeless appeal of cinema.”

The complete collection of watches and jewellery inspired by it embody the unique grace and spirit of La Strada. The newly designed supple and cambered curves are a tribute to eternal femininity, echoing the legendary statuesque figures of the 1950s and the distinctly “couture” spirit that defined the era.

The pure, geometrical lines of the case evoke both the graphic symmetry of a film reel and the motif formed by the paving stones of the streets of Rome, the famous “San Pietrini”. It smoothly embraces the wrist, while the round and exquisitely crafted mesh bracelet highlights its inimitable femininity. The watches driven by quartz or mechanical movements come in a wide array of variations: white, rose or yellow gold; gem-set or polished, as well as in full-pavé versions. The jewellery line reflects this unmistakable sensuality and offers the same perfectly balanced lines symbolising elegance and femininity. It comprises a range of pendants, rings and earrings, composing a complete line radiating an aura of immemorial majesty.

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