May 30th 2012

Lula’s Cannes experience with Chopard


For the 65th Cannes Film Festival, we welcomed a very special guest. Lula, the enigmatic editor in chief and creative director of the all-illustrated magazine HERSELF, depicted with her own unique touch the Cannes Film Festival. From the red carpet to other exclusive places, Lula always looked glamorous wearing pieces from our Red Carpet collection. We invite you to discover a selection of the illustrations she brought us back from the Croisette.

A few days after the end of this year’s Cannes Film Festival, Lula shares her impressions of the Cannes experience:

What are your impressions on this first Cannes Film Festival?

A mix of art and craft bejewelled in glamour and celebrated by many.

Loved the sense of being there to celebrate the work behind movies, the craftsmanship behind impeccably designed jewels, acknowledging the colourful power of celebrities, sipping bubbly champagne.

Who is the person whose elegance inspired you most during the Festival?

The Festival itself inspires elegance. Not every long gown expressed charm, but those that did are forever impressed.

Which jewellery piece left an impression on you?

What impressed me once again is the lightness of the jewels, their clever engineered design, the way each stone is set, the ironic touch to them.

The branches bracelets, in white or green or burgundy or blue where fantastic, but my heart lies with the earrings representing three vortex of pink diamonds set on rose gold.

Describe Cannes in a word?

I wouldn’t know a word, but I can pick three colours: the Blue of the sea, the White of the diamonds’ light and the Red of paparazzi-packed carpets.

Merci Chopard!