August 18th 2011

“Miss Happy”, a joyful attitude to life


This year, Chopard is offering a lighter, yet ever exquisite version of its iconic Happy Diamonds. Visions of slender hearts or precious circles – yellow, rose or white gold circles polished or set with precious diamonds.

This menagerie of luxury, all motioning together, creates the spectacle that is the famous floating diamonds. These radiantly joyful yet discreet pieces will glitter in splendour on the neck, wrist, ears or fingers of the women who are lucky enough to love them.

Suspended from a fine gold chain or a delicate silk cord, the pendants will gently caress the feminine neckline. Equally entrancing are the bracelets, earrings and subtle gold rings that support the tiny hearts or circles which capture the natural glow of the women wearing them.

The playful and mischievous “Miss Happy” jewellery pieces exude a vivacious and a contagiously joyful attitude to life. Complementing women of every age and lending a brilliantly refined and elegant touch.

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