May 07th 2013

Mother’s Day – Say it with a heart


Celebrated around the world, Mother’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to thank the woman who has proved so indispensable, year after year. Guardian angel, role model and confidante all rolled into one, she often also inspires a particular art of living. Giving her a precious heart is another way of saying she is loved.

The first celebration of Mother’s Day dates back to Ancient Greece. Instated as a means of honouring Rhea, mother of the gods and notably of Zeus in Greek mythology, the ceremonies were held in March. They coincided with the Roman festival of motherhood or matronalia, which was popular throughout Asia Minor. Nonetheless, it was undoubtedly North Americans with their Mother’s Day, launched much later in the early 20th century, who infused the festivities with a new and particularly charming spirit.

This date has become a sensitive and thoughtful way of thanking the woman who gave us the gift of life by marking the occasion with gems reflecting just how precious she is. Very Chopard, our timeless heart-shaped models set with diamonds, are a true expression of unconditional love.

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