February 25th 2014

Rose gold, a very modern incarnation of masculinity


When it comes to gentlemen’s timepieces, rose gold is undoubtedly a statement of utterly stylish elegance. Appreciated by connoisseurs for its assertive sophistication, this precious metal is the embodiment of power and refinement: a subtle incarnation of modern masculinity. A rose gold watch can be the perfect choice to wear with a suit, or to add a slightly vintage, retro-inspired edge. But how is rose gold made?

Molten yellow gold, silver and copper are used to form this delicate alloy, right in our very own foundry in Geneva. Thanks to expert in-house artisans specialising in over 30 crafts, Chopard has the unique position of overseeing all of the processes involved in producing its fine jewellery – from creating gold casings to setting gems. As the art of watchmaking is part of Chopard’s heritage, handling the production of alloys is unquestionably the ultimate guarantee of quality. In the heart of our workshop, no less than five types of 18-carat gold alloy are created from 24-carat yellow gold ingots. 18-carat gold boasts an excellent balance between resistance, excellence and fine gold content. It is ideal for setting precious stones and also stands up well to the small jolts and impacts sustained in daily life. Each alloy ingot is then numbered and sent to the Swiss Precious Metal Control, where it receives the official CMP certificate. Only then is it ready to be transformed into a luxury timepiece.

Among our alloys, rose gold is the material giving a modern edge to our L.U.C 1937 Classic watch. A timeless design, the 18-carat gold’s pale rose hue gives the timepiece an elegant, stylish aspect, while showcasing the silver sunburst dial to best effect. Its sleek bracelet makes the L.U.C 1937 Classic the perfect choice for effortless sophistication and everyday wear.

Stainless steel lends the Mille Miglia Chronograph a sleek and powerful finish, but the finesse of Chopard’s rose gold model gives the watch a chic yet sporty look. It’s a timepiece that makes a subtle statement, with a casing inspired by the powerful curves of classic sports cars. Alongside the hours and minutes, dials detailing seconds and milliseconds feature on the face, as well as 30-minute and 12-hour counters. Taking inspiration from vintage automobile design, the black dial of the watch adds a polished precision to the Mille Miglia Chronograph.

Gentlemen will also love our signature Classic Manufacture timepiece. The 18-carat rose gold case is complemented by a traditional leather bracelet, lending the watch a refined, timeless aspect. Elegant Roman numerals mark out the hours, while a seconds dial and date display make for handsome details – it’s the watch for true connoisseurs!