June 29th 2016

Talking About Time And The G.P.M.H With Les Rhabilleurs


Read a few lines on the blog Les Rhabilleurs and you’ll instantly be immersed into a unique lifestyle. The team knows how to capture a particular atmosphere. They master the art of describing the unique sensations of a race, from the motors that thrum, to the tyres squealing and the tick-tock of a watch. Because that is where lies their true passion: watches. Their name, Les Rhabilleurs is a tribute to the Haute Horlogerie profession of crafting, cleaning and repairing watches movements. A meticulous task that the blog metaphorically overtakes daily by reviewing the latest watches with a most accurate eye. As the team has attended the mythical Grand Prix de Monaco Historique with Chopard, it was the perfect occasion for us to discuss their love for watches, their feelings about the race and their very own vision of time. 

When we asked them to sum up the spirit of the race, it is with no hesitation that they described it as probably the most beautifully exciting classic racing event in the world.” Before adding “seeing all those historic and legendary racing cars gathered in one place is really thrilling. It is a very unique atmosphere, very intense and rare.”

Of course, we couldn’t help but wonder what is the Blog Editors favorite era in the cars competing the race: “Most probably the cars from the F Series (1973 to 1076)”, they said. “They appeal to us in a very special way, as those were our favorite toy cars we played with as children! It is terribly hard to choose as every era has its heroes and legends.”

Another thing that is very difficult to choose certainly is their favorite watch between the two Chopard Grand Prix de Monaco Historique watches released this year: we personally like the version with the steel and titanium case better, that we would wear it on the Nato strap. It is very light despite a pretty bold case size, and surprisingly confortable on the wrist!” Such a timepiece certainly combines all the qualities a winner’s watch should bear according to Les Rhabilleurs: “Readability, sturdiness and a bold design, pretty much as the wonderful cars competing in Monaco.”

Above all, it is a model fit for winning… And winning is THE state-of-mind that strives all the competitors of the iconic G.P.M.H race. For the team of Les Rhabilleurs, it even applies to everything in life! “I think true competitors can’t fake it, they have it in their guts, from the most regular and common event to the most challenging.”

Those drivers who dedicate all their lives to their passion of speed embody a model of commitment that truly inspires the bloggers: “Who would not be impressed by those who risked everything for their passion? Take Jim Clark or Ayrton Senna, those men are still incredible examples of commitment and perseverance as much as style icons. When you do what you love, it always comes out, in the greatest possible way!”

We concluded this fascinating interview by asking them what is the one thing they find the most challenging in life and loved the passion they put in the answer: “Every step you take is challenging, every day is challenging. Asking yourself the right questions, making the right move at the right time, the one that will take you where you want to be, where you belong is very challenging! But it also what makes it fun and fascinating… isn’t it?”