July 04th 2013

The making of a Happy Sport watch


From gold casting to gem setting the case, the Happy Sport watch perfectly epitomises our mastered expertise. Enter our workshops with us and discover the secrets of this iconic Chopard watch.

Within the world of watch and jewellery manufacturers, we are one of the rare companies to have its own in-house gold foundry. In our gold foundry, five different 18-carat gold alloys are made from 24-carat yellow gold ingots. The gold bars obtained by rolling are then subjected to stamping, after which the case blanks are cut out from the raw material and undergo several more machiningstages before reaching their final state. This is followed by the stages of gem setting, depending on the model, polishing and then assembly.

Each moving diamond is sheathed in gold so as not to scratch the sapphire crystal over which it must be able to roam freely. This bevelled sheathing further heightens the mobility of the diamonds, enabling them to whirl like spinning tops and thus generating maximum radiance. Once the intermediate sapphire crystal has been fitted into the case, diamonds are delicately added before another sapphire crystal. Lastly come the movement, dial and hands as well as the back of the watch, which are all engraved with the Happy Sport logo.

To celebrate the Happy Sport 20th anniversary, we offer you the chance to create your own Happy Sport watch thanks to an exclusive and playful application.