January 19th 2017

The Queen of Kalahari


An ultra-rare 342-carat diamond provides the stones for the most precious jewellery set ever produced by Chopard

It’s the story of an extraordinary flower that ‘bloomed’ in the desert, a gem born in an arid – yet paradoxically fertile land.

It’s the story of a stunningly beautiful, pure and radiant stone whose beating heart proclaims the wonderment of natural treasures.

It’s the story of an absolute stone, The Queen of Kalahari diamond.

A brief history

The story of this stone is a journey. A journey through what makes Chopard so very singular and special, its artistic vivacity and technical virtuosity. It conveys the importance the Geneva-based Maison attaches to mastering all stages governing the creation of a piece of jewellery. At the helm of these endeavours, co-president Caroline Scheufele has consistently provided the impetus designed to guide Chopard towards pursuing excellence and exploring new territory. It is she that has followed the adventures of this extraordinary diamond step by step in the quest to ensure its lasting destiny.

The discovery of The Queen of Kalahari, this exceptional 342-carat stone of perfect colour and absolute purity, has given rise to a set of 23 diamonds – The Garden of Kalahari – of which five weigh over 20 carats. Drawing upon the virtuosity cultivated in the field of artistic craft that has forged Chopard’s reputation, six fabulous pieces of jewellery have emerged from the High Jewellery workshops of the Maison.

As a pioneer of sustainable development in jewellery, Caroline Scheufele actively encouraged the Karowe mine to join the growing number of Chopard’s suppliers – covering gold, coloured gemstones and diamonds – to engage with Eco-Age’s independent Green Carpet Challenge validation criteria, which mirrors best international practices in environmental and social justice.  Caroline and the owners of the Karowe mine agreed to the visit of the Eco-Age team to independently assess all elements of its mining activities. The Karowe mine is continuing in its own journey to sustainability by moving towards the fulfilment of the standards necessary to achieve the RJC certification.

And because art and cinema are inseparably bound up with Chopard’s history and identity, each stage in this extraordinary adventure was filmed by Alexis Veller, so as to present it in a 55-minute docu-fiction film. You can watch the trailer now.

Discovery of a treasure

“I immediately sensed that this was an incredibly rare gem of exceptional beauty and purity”, says Caroline Scheufele when recalling her first encounter with the diamond she named The Queen of Kalahari. It was at the heart of the deposit mined in Karowe, Botswana, that this exceptional stone was found. Born of the volcanic rock known as kimberlite, formed at high temperatures and pressures across endless ages, this diamond enshrines a sense of permanence and the strength of the ties that bind human beings to the earth.

342 carats: an eloquent figure testifying to an extremely rare size for a diamond of such absolute purity and perfect colour. The Queen of Kalahari combines D colour – the most beautiful – with grade F (Flawless) clarity. “The energy and emotional charge emanating from this gem are truly incomparable”, enthuses Caroline Scheufele, who immediately travelled to the open-air Karowe mine to admire this diamond discovered a year ago. It was love at first sight. Since then, she has personally supervised each stage in its development, like a lucky star guiding it towards its luminous interpretations and thereby giving rise to the most prestigious jewellery ever to emerge from the Chopard High Jewellery workshops.

Creative audacity

As Caroline Scheufele explains, “This is a truly exceptional stone, but we did not wish to treat it as a mere trophy, but instead to prepare it for a destiny worthy of its stature.” Entrusted to – and thus combined with – the peerless expertise of the Chopard ateliers, this 342-carat diamond has found its most eloquent expression – and its finest vocation – in an extraordinary ensemble of 23 diamonds: The Garden of Kalahari. Each of these gems, like the diamond from which they originate, is of absolute colour and purity.

More pictures and information are available here.