June 12th 2016

“The Three F” share their impressions on The Mille Miglia race



With talent and success, Filippo Cirulli and Filippo Fiora have achieved to impose their perfectly polished vision of style in the landscape of men’s fashion blogs. With their beautiful suits and impeccable taste, they have developed a unique eye for fashion and a certain idea of luxury lifestyle. Their exquisite aesthetic is a sharp take on everything a gentleman driver should be: well-dressed, well-mannered, smart and elegant. We discussed their favorite moments of the Mille Miglia, a unique race for the vintage lovers that is truly in line with the unique approach of their blog. Discover our exclusive interview.


  1. Could you sum up for us the spirit of the Mille Miglia race?

«  The most beautiful race in the world » – said Enzo Ferrari – and we couldn’t agree more.

The race made its debut in 1927 by the wish of four close friends. A game, a strong passion for the four wheels and the desire of competing with the Italian Grand Premio di Monza born in the same years: these are the ingredients making the spirit of the Mille Miglia.

The race always starts and finishes in Brescia, close to the Garda Lake, looping through Rome. On the way little cities and villages crowded with people waiting for the convoy of the world’s most valuable classic cars to come.

Mille Miglia is also unique because of its mixed crews. Fathers and sons, friends and couples for life join the race: different stories but all identical for the same desire to play the game. Even the cars are incredible. Only models manufactured between 1927 and 1957 which have passed a rigorous entry test are admitted.


  1. It’s not the first time you take part in the Mille Miglia. Could you share with us a special memory?


Mille Miglia is a never-ending dream and it’s almost impossible to count all the special memories we keep in our minds.
From this edition we’ll never forget the night drive through the empty streets of Rome following the convoy of the cars.


  1. From the four cities the race stops in, which is your favorite?


We’ll keep the beauty of Loreto (Ancona) forever in our minds. It’s a tiny hill town surrounded by olive trees dominated by the incredible dome of the Basilica Della Santa Casa, the place where the tradition says the house of the Virgin Mary was moved from Palestine by a group of Angels.


  1. What would be your ideal outfit and watch to compete in the race?


The race recalls comfortable outfits but this doesn’t mean we have to give up on our elegance. A beige linen suit, a light blue cotton shirt and a pair of suede driving shoes are the perfect choice to match one of the Chopard Mille Miglia 2016 Race Edition watches.


  1. What should be the ultimate accessory of a gentleman driver?


A pair of soft leather driving gloves and a perfect matching vintage inspired watch to be perfectly regular in the driving performance at the Mille Miglia.


  1. If la Dolce Vita was a style, what would it be?

A white light suit and a blue shirt, like the ones worn by Marcello Mastroianni in the final scene of the movie La Dolce Vita.


  1. From all the historical cars competing in the race, do you have a favorite model?


We’d love to put our hands on a 1952 Mercedes – Benz 300SL also know as « Gullwing ». The family Scheufele owns a model like this. Simply superb!


  1. Is there a place in Italy or abroad that ultimately embodies La Dolce Vita?


To us one of the places that embodies La Dolce Vita the most is Panarea, a little island close to the north cost of Sicily.
It’s like a travel through time and every time we spend our holidays there we feel like we are acting in a Fellini’s movie.