October 15th 2014

An IMPERIALE cast -Which empress are you?


The IMPERIALE collection is a beacon of sophistication, its amethyst and gold bringing out the empress in every woman. Majesty never looked so good – but which empress are you?

The Business Empress

Independent and reliable, the business empress casually slips into a tailored sleeveless shirt for a day at the office. Her outfit was intended for elegant practicality; it is elevated to greatness by her IMPERIALE jewels and the delicate patterns they trace in pink gold. Who could argue with sheer class? In a pleated top and midi skirt, with a Chopard clutch adorning her arm, she is the woman to whom everyone just says yes. Be it at an important public meeting or a low-key but crucial business dinner, the sculptural outline of her IMPERIALE watch says it all…

The Cosy Empress

Soft materials and delicate tones are a must for the cosy empress, providing an ideal counterpoint to the warm hues of the IMPERIALE collection. Matching white blazer and trousers pair with a beige cashmere top or light knitwear for chilly mornings. When going about town, her geometric blouse and edgy flannel jacket enter IMPERIALE territory with the addition of stacked rings or layered neck pieces. While comfort is considered of the utmost importance, her silhouette is that of an arbiter of taste.

The Empress by Night

Purple hues and a flash of diamonds… At nightfall the empress transforms: the magic of IMPERIALE amethysts adds impenetrable depths to the nuanced design of a gorgeous off-black peplum dress. Sensuality reigns supreme. Her generosity and charisma do the rest, turning her into the real crown jewel of a prestigious gala or a night at the opera.

Define your very own IMPERIALE style