September 19th 2013

Xenia Tchoumitcheva Interview – A journey in Venice with Chopard


For the 70th Mostra Internazionale d’Arte cinematografica, we had the pleasure of welcoming Xenia Tchoumitcheva from the blog She will give us some insights into her journey in Venice with Chopard.

A former Swiss beauty queen, Xenia has established herself as one of Europe’s most recognizable TV hosts and fashion brand representatives. Originally from Lugano, Xenia, who speaks five languages, now lives in London is actively blogging about “everything beautiful, aspirational and luxurious.”

As a cosmopolitan model and business woman born in Lugano, Switzerland, what kind of watches or jewellery pieces do you like to wear? What is your signature look?

Switzerland for sure taught me love for the best and rarest luxury pieces. I’m a big diamonds and swiss craft and watch-making fan.  I like big watches even on a female wrist. And diamonds? They carry so much meaning, history and charm. I like rings and diamonds on watches as well.  Signature look? In everyday life I love simple. black, and skinny jeans. At night, sky high – heels.

What was your most memorable moment from the Venice Film Festival?

The magic daylights of the city while travelling on the boat-taxi. It’s unbelievable. And the international flair in an italian city.

Is there a movie among the festival’s selection that you would love to go see when it is due to open?

I watched the premiere of the Zero Theorem with all the Chopard crew. I also had the pleasure to chat with the producers and the crews at the after party. The best movies to watch are those where you can know more about the story of the creation of the script, all the behind-the-scenes details and the ideas of the director, writers and everybody involved.

Which was your favourite red carpet look in Venice?

Even if it’s red on a red carpet, this is very classy.

Among the high jewellery pieces you had a chance to wear during the festival, is there a specific one that comes to mind?

I wore an amazing diamond necklace with irregular diamonds that you could wear in different fashions. Long or short  or event twisted. Modern and eternal at the same time.

What is your favorite Chopard collection?

Right now without a single doubt the green carpet collection, it holds even more value because of what it stands for. I also adore the watches.

Was it the first time you had a chance to meet with our Co-President Caroline Scheufele?

I have seen her at other events but I had never had the chance to talk to her. It was a great honour to meet a classy and beautiful woman who is in serious business. I am a big admire of ambitious hard workers and girl power, qualities that she definitely has and promotes actively in her world class enterprise.

Your wrote a detailed article on your blog about how Chopard is entering the sustainable luxury movement. Can you share your impressions after having attended the presentation of our Green Carpet Collection?

I was incredibly impressed. It is such a honourable act of courage to be a pioneer in sustainable sourcing and producing of gold. It’s a big effort for a brand and a cost for sure, but Caroline and Chopard made this first important step before any other brand (that I hope will follow).

You assisted to the presentation of our new addition to the Green Carpet Collection, do you remember a moment (fun, unexpected?) that you would like to share with us?

Not during the presentation, but I remember I have got thrown on the red carpet, without being ready : hair, make up or dress – in fact I was wearing a short one! but fun! I am very thankful to Chopard for a magic experience and my chic overdose followers appreciated so much.