February 09th 2011

You, me… and Chopard


For Valentine’s Day, Chopard is delighted to act as a messenger of love. Where some may give flowers or songs to express their feelings, Chopard sprinkles hearts all around. This symbol cherished by Chopard’s Co-President Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele, who has indeed made it the company emblem, takes on all manner of shapes to thrill lovers the world over.

Happy Heart watch

To be sure not to miss the 12 strokes of midnight and to see their carriage turn back into a pumpkin, modern-day Cinderellas have found the indispensable accessory: a Happy Heart watch in a “tender pledges” version. The white rubber strap is marked with the symbol of love, while one of the three diamonds spinning around the dial is clasped in the gentle embrace of a white gold heart. A romantic yet subtle way of showing that one both loves and is loved…

Happy Diamonds, for an exceptional rendezvous

Designed for grand occasions, the flamboyant Happy Diamonds pendant set with a triple row of diamonds shines with full radiance when nestling in an exquisitely plunging neckline. Its brilliant captive diamonds flutter in harmony with the loving heart just beneath.

Very Chopard jewellery, featuring sophisticated reinterpretations of the legendary Happy Diamonds collection, will turn the heads of many Valentines. Rings, pendants and earrings highlight a heart with a distinctive cone-shaped curve. This highly innovative design is particularly suited to the captive brilliant-cut gems. Held within a capsule featuring walls lined with mirrors or diamonds, as if set free within a dazzling sunbeam, the diamonds are brighter and livelier than ever with their infinitely varied and playfully shimmering reflections.