December 20th 2011

Your Precious Stories


Throughout eras and countries, the end-of-year festivities bring people together. These times of joy and generosity also form some of our most cherished memories. When we launched A Season of Gifts a few weeks ago, we invited you to share your best souvenirs.

Read on to discover stories from our community!

“I was proposed to on Christmas Day on a cruise ship! My fiancé offered me a heart-shaped Chopard Happy Diamonds ring as the engagement ring. It’s my favourite ring ever from a fabulous man, my husband!”
by Anita

“My best Christmas vacation was when I travelled across the globe to visit Tasmania. After a few hours by plane from the Australian mainland and a one-hour drive by car, we arrived at the hotel and were seduced by the breath-taking view, the traveller’s most precious reward. The next day, we walked along the natural curves of the Freycinet Peninsula under the sun. Each turn revealed a new landscape: forest, beach, savanna, and even two friendly walibis (kangaroo-like marsupials) that let us approach them. Nature is a jewel.”

by Julie

“My best holiday souvenir is the first time that I went back home during my first year of study abroad. As much as I loved my college friends, it felt so great to be back in the family house, filled with joyful laughs, with cheesy music in the background and yummy smell coming from the kitchen. Sometimes the simplest small pleasures are the most precious.”
by Mark

“When I was 17 I travelled to Europe for the first time for Christmas vacations with my boyfriend. We went to France, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. This first trip to the old continent allowed me to ‘feel’ the history that had until then been in books and movies only. We visited museums, galleries, shops, and I really fell in love with Paris, its charming streets, its culture, its juxtaposition of contemporary and ancient culture.”
by Ariane