A New Scent of Joie de Vivre 

The Maison Chopard is delighted to present a new Eau de Parfum within the Happy Chopard Collection. Happy Chopard Bigaradia, a new sensory ode to the joie de vivre inspired by nature’s infinite beauty.

Behind Happy Chopard Bigaradia stands a talented young perfumer, Dora Baghriche, who has already composed Felicia Roses and Lemon Dulci. A woman with a sunny nature and a joyful soul. At the heart of her creation lies the bitter-orange tree, bigaradier in French. She daringly played with all the aspects of this exceptionally generous plant, multiplying its facets to create a surprisingly luminous, positive and enveloping fragrance. Its signature is the combination of great naturals with unexpected notes, ingredients which – just like dancing diamonds – deliver deliciously addictive hints, unexpected crispness, or the enveloping touch of warm, ambery accents.

Chopard Loves Nature 

Chopard loves Nature. A Nature that inspires and offers incredible resources, and which in return deserves attention and respect. With the introduction of Happy Chopard, reflecting Chopard’s commitment embodied in The Journey to Sustainable Luxury, the Maison has engaged in a new visionary journey towards natural and responsible perfumery.

"This perfume embodies the philosophy of the Happy Chopard Collection, a fragrance nourished by many and varied naturals, all of which exude the emotion of joy. At its heart, Orange Blossom: the incarnation of the ultimate happiness”.
Dora Baghriche

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