The Happy Chopard new Fragrance Collection


The two natural, free-spirited and joyous Happy Chopard fragrances embody Caroline Scheufele‘s “happy chic” lifestyle, where passion, beauty, glamour and love meet in a joyful celebration of life. Both fragrances bear the signature of up-and-coming perfumer Dora Baghriche, chosen by Caroline to express her fresh vision of luxury perfumery, inspired by natural ingredients and positive emotion. Forever curious, creative and explorative, Dora selected her natural essences and blended them with innovative ingredients, composing the fragrances guided by the emotional impact of their scent. Whimsical, light-hearted and adventurous, these creations reveal surprising combinations and a very personal signature, fully inspired by the values of a bohemian generation of young women, sensitive to the new sustainable values of luxury and positive living.

“The Happy Chopard Collection is all about pleasure, colour and the joy of life. In creating these perfumes, I wanted to play, have fun and feel free to explore and create in a different way…
I was instinctively drawn towards natural ingredients as a starting point, because they offer plentiful energy, spontaneity, and an immediate sense of being transported to a state of wellbeing and positive emotion.So, I infused the fragrances with their “superpowers” and explored unusual pairings, playing with colours, and particularly with smell and taste. It allowed me to draw on the energy of natural ingredients and experiment with new and unusual forms of freshness and addiction.
It’s a little like bold vegan gastronomy; everything is so audacious and different, with crazy aesthetics and combinations or incredible colours. It’s all about finding new forms of spontaneity and ethical hedonism that make you feel good.”

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