Happy Sport, an anthem to free and daring women


The strength of an icon is to embed itself in our imagination, as if its very existence were indisputable and beyond doubt. And yet Happy Sport could easily never have seen the light of day.
It took all the perseverance and determination of Caroline Scheufele to make her vision a reality and bring this emblematic model to life. This victory is about the strength of a woman who knows that her most precious asset is her self-confidence. This victory is that of all visionary women.


Women of the 1990s


The 1990s witnessed the emergence of pop culture, new codes embodied by new media. This overflowing energy is reflected in MTV music videos and the bold colours of TV ads, and place women more than ever in the spotlight. Allure, daring, energy, vision, strength, instinct.... It was a time to celebrate women everywhere in all the splendour of their winning ways and determined attitude.

From then on, the world truly belonged to women and this fundamental shift was reflected by Chopard.
Under the impetus of Caroline Scheufele, women became a source of inspiration, making their mark and giving rise to the legendary Chopard creative ability. "Chopard time" was here to stay.



A watch born of one woman's perseverance


The story of the Happy Sport is first and foremost that of a young woman's perseverance. In the early 1990s, Caroline presented the design of the Happy Sport watch to the company's watchmaking teams, who were very sceptical. Her workshop foreman was even hostile to the project and stated that it was not commercially viable. A little too sure of himself, he made the following bet with Caroline: "If you manage to sell this watch, I will give you a rose for each one sold." Caroline Scheufele, who loves nothing more than a challenge, took it up without hesitation and this bravado gave her extra energy to devote entirely to the project. The following year in 1993, the flamboyant Happy Sport emerged from the workshops for its official launch. It proved so successful that the bemused workshop foreman decided to gift Chopard's Co-President an entire rosebush.


One victory leads to others


The worldwide success of the Happy Sport bolstered Caroline, who remained committed to placing her boldness and inventiveness at the service of the Maison. Dreaming, living her passions, thinking big: from then on obstacles began to fall one by one and Chopard became an essential reference both in watchmaking and in the world of jewellery with the development of Haute Joaillerie collections.

As the 'lucky charm' jeweller of Oscar nominees and official partner of the Cannes Film Festival, Chopard owes a great deal to Caroline and to women. With the launch of its "Journey to Sustainable Luxury" in 2013, this story of passion and of a taste for innovation took on the challenge of sustainable development. This was followed by a gradual generalisation of the use of ethical gold. Because a free and determined spirit never stops mid-way along its path.

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