The rebirth of the 1993 icon


The quest for the golden ratio


A sense of proportion is of paramount importance to Chopard. Designed to accompany women in all their day-to-day activities, the Happy Sport is a watch that must above all feel great to wear. As Caroline Scheufele explained in 1993: "I wanted a watch that I could wear all day long: at the gym, in the office or for a dinner in town.” This constant quest for harmony has now been achieved by using the golden ratio which has defined the proportions of the new models in the collection. Since antiquity, this mathematical balance has been found in science as well as in art and architecture, seeking to reproduce the harmony prevailing in Nature and its creations.

By using the golden ratio in direct relation to the diameter of the movement designed for Chopard ladies’ watch collections, the case of the Happy Sport has been redesigned in a 33 mm-diameter that is particularly well suited to the feminine wrist. The result is perfect proportions, paired with a beautifully supple bracelet.

Contemplating the dance of time


Seven freedom-loving diamonds dance day and night across the dial. Invented by Chopard, they have revolutionised our relation to time: what used to be a casual glance is now an invitation to travel the most unexpected of trajectories. This constantly renewed choreography of diamonds in spinning-top capsules is a gift that keeps on giving. Every flick of the wrist composes its own whirling ballet.
The Happy Sport The First is an obvious choice for any diamond lover. But for those left hungry for more by the 1,993-piece limited edition, Caroline Scheufele has conjured up a version of just 788-pieces graced with a diamond-set bezel for added sparkle, in addition to a textured mother-of-pearl dial.


A watch and more


It is easy to get lost in the dance of the moving diamonds. Adding aesthetic appeal, five cabochon-cut sapphires found on the lugs and crown echo the dash of blue from the Roman hour-markers. But much, much more than simply a dial, the Happy Sport The First is also synonymous with an eye-catching bracelet. Crafted and assembled in Chopard’s watchmaking workshop and as supple as they are elegant, the bracelet’s four rows of polished pebbles give the Happy Sport The First a distinctly sporty aspect.

The chic of an in-house automatic movement


The Maison has its roots in Swiss watchmaking excellence and it made perfect sense to power the Happy Sport The First with one of our in-house movements. Enter the 148-part Chopard 09.01-C self-winding movement, entirely designed, developed and produced in our Ateliers. Perfect for women’s watches thanks to its 20.4 mm diameter, it serves as the basis to determine the proportions of the latest Happy Sport models.


Not your everyday kind of steel


Chopard is firmly committed to sustainable luxury and uses a particularly innovative steel for the cases of these two new Happy Sport The First series. Made from 70% recycled metals in a state-of-the-art workshop located in Austria, Lucent Steel A223 is a steel alloy that combines anti-allergenic virtues with the brightness and sturdiness of ordinary steel. The result of four years of research and development, it now joins the ranks of precious metals.

Happy Sport: capturing the spirit of emancipation


Flashback to 1993. Caroline Scheufele made her bold vision reality, one in which women can shape the world in which they wish to live and become the woman they aspire to be. The Happy Sport watch stages a fascinating and perpetually creative show in which women play a starring role, breathing life into dancing diamonds for an ever-recomposed scene. A powerful metaphor of the emancipatory momentum women experienced in the 20th century, the collection vividly reflects this vibrant life force and ever since its debut has lent itself to countless transformations.

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