Chopard presents Magical Setting


A dazzling new collection of magically modern light-filled classics celebrating Freedom and Empowering Femininity 

Chopard, the Artisan of Emotions, ignites the traditional world of High Jewellery with a scintillating new collection, Magical Setting. The spectacular radiance of these majestic cluster rings, pendants and earrings is made possible by an ingenious and innovative secret setting that allows the diamonds and precious coloured stones to shine supreme, to play with light as never before.  In this dynamic re-imagining of one of the noblest and most enduring jewellery classics – the floral cluster – Caroline Scheufele, co-president and artistic director of Chopard, unlocks the intense light and lustre deep in the soul of a gemstone while unleashing the full emotional power at the heart of the jewel.  With Magical Setting, she explores light, in all its many facets: as a universal symbol of the divine, of purity, joy and euphoria, as the essence of seductive glamour, and as the most powerful emotional trigger in a gem or jewel. 

The story of a lust for Magical Setting

Caroline Scheufele tells how her deep love for gemstones took root in early childhood. She remembers feeling a magnetic attraction as she played with her mother’s jewels, arranging them, stacking them, and dreaming up her own creations. Once at the helm of the family business, she brought this playfulness to Chopard designs, along with her own sense of adventure and audacity. An unstoppable force and a free spirit, Caroline Scheufele has always pushed boundaries and challenged conventions, releasing High Jewellery from its formality, giving jewels new expression, creating a distinctive, trailblazing style of casual opulence and sophisticated exuberance for which Chopard is now celebrated worldwide. However, Caroline Scheufele’s underlying, ultimate aim has been to illuminate the majesty and magnificence of gemstones, the colour and radiance of coloured stones, the infinite depths of diamonds.

For many years, Caroline Scheufele nurtured a dream: to make settings disappear, to give gemstones the power to shine, unadulterated, to unlock the full force of their brilliance and enhance their otherworldliness. She challenged her craftsmen, who shook their heads, saying her ideas were too complicated, impossible to achieve. Indomitable and restlessly curious, she was undaunted in her tireless quest for continual innovation and inspiration. Now, with Magical Setting, her creative vision is brought to life; her dedicated artisans have tapped into today’s cutting-edge technology, combining it with age-old craft skills to create a new generation contemporary classic; jewels of sensational, seductive lustre, jewels to scintillate and fascinate, to set the spirit free.

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