New Responsibly sourced coloured gemstone : the Paraiba Tourmaline


After announcing at Baselworld 2018 its commitment to use 100% ethical gold as of july 2018, Chopard continues to drive the luxury jewellery industry forward as it launches its first responsibly sourced Paraiba tourmaline in its Green Carpet collection.

As part of the Journey to Sustainable Luxury, the gem demonstrates Chopard’s ongoing commitment to the long and difficult process of bringing responsibly sourced materials to its creations. All the stages of the supply chain, from the Mavuco mine in Mozambique to Chopard’s workshops in Geneva have been assessed against the GCC criteria by Eco-Age which cover environmental impacts as well as assessment of labour and human rights management in line with Chopard’s Code of Conduct.  The stone has been traced through each stage with supporting documentation back to the mine of origin.

Academy Award winning actor Julianne Moore joined Chopard Co-President Caroline Scheufele to design the first creation of this capsule collection which was unveiled during the Cannes Film Festival 2018.

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