Seven Happy Women


Caroline Scheufele has chosen Seven Happy Women with unparalleled influence to embody Happy Diamonds. Seven Friends of the Maison who represent, each in their own way, a strong, free, joyful way of living in the world and of owning the spirit of the era. Deepika Padukone, Aja Naomi King, Jung Ryeo-Won, Sadie Sink, Anne Nakamura, Dorra Zarrouk and Yang Zi have all grasped the codes of their time to blaze their trail in a manner that is both singular and generous. Theirs are powerful voices that resonate with that of Karin Scheufele – Caroline Scheufele's mother– who once exclaimed, faced with the first sketches of the future Happy Diamonds: "Diamonds are happier when they are free". A wealth of paths of life that intertwine, create links and emotions, and give new texture to Joie de Vivre.


Deepika Padukone - A Confident Contemporary Legend

One of India's most acclaimed actors, Deepika Padukone exhibits a golden heart and steps beyond the stage to support countless initiatives. As founder of the Live Love Laugh Foundation, she champions efforts that address mental health issues in her home country and beyond.

Deepika Padukone


Aja Naomi King - The optimism of an actress and activist

Imagine going from drama classes in California and then at Yale to making a splash on the big screen with a role in How To Get Away With Murder.
Aja Naomi King can thank her extraordinary life force and optimistic take on life for this well-deserved turn of events.
The winner of the Rising Star Award at the 10th Annual Essence Black Women in Hollywood ceremony, she is active in promoting women's rights and racial equality committed to changing representations of beauty. For Aja, Joie de Vivre and laughter are essential to opening a more inclusive, egalitarian and happy window on the world.

Aja Naomi King


Sadie Sink - The grace of a gifted actress

Sadie Sink immediately related to Chopard’s Journey To Sustainable Luxury.
Originally a Broadway actress, she is now recognised worldwide for her role as Max in Stranger Things and is set to appear in Netflix’s Fear Street trilogy.
Above and beyond her flourishing career, this actress represents a world on the move. Full of vitality and enthusiasm, she is committed to using her influence to defend the environment. In 2018, she received the Hollywood International Independent Documentary Award of Excellence for Narration for her contribution to Dominion, a documentary on animal rights.

Sadie Sink


Dorra Zarrouk - Generous eclecticism

A resolution to be happy? To laugh, to share time with the people she loves and to take care of them as well as herself, to never compare herself to anyone else and to cherish everything she already has.
Fresh out of university, Dorra Zarrouk took the world of dance by storm. But what she did next reflects her sheer energy and charisma. Now with nearly 30 films and as many series for television to her credit, in addition to plays and documentaries, Dorra is one of brightest stars on Egyptian screens and beyond.

Dorra Zarrouk


Anne Nakamura - The beauty of a curious outlook

Meet Anne Nakamura, hailed "the most beautiful" in her native Japan. She learned the power of a smile from a young age, and as a former cheerleader believes that “a smile can do wonders for another person’s courage or mood.”
But looking amazing is not synonymous with standing still, quite the contrary. Serenity and a positive disposition can also go hand in hand with self-improvement. As a woman on the move, she can easily relate to the Happy Diamonds constantly carving new trajectories. As she puts it, “When I look at the dial of my Happy Sport, I feel totally attuned to those free-spinning diamonds and their constant movement.”

Anne Nakamura


Jung Ryeo-Won - Countless stories and a smile full of curiosity

"I was dancing earlier, and I was very happy to hear the "sound" of my Happy Diamonds.” Sometimes it is the little things that bring the most joy. With her eager curiosity and boundless inventiveness, Jung Ryeo-Won was sure to take to Happy Diamonds. A Korean pop culture icon and famous actress with a knack for capturing the essence of things, she is perhaps the one that says it best: "Happy Diamonds are like kids skating on an ice-rink. I thought jewelry was supposed to be fixed in a certain position, but with these, it almost feels as if you’re setting them free.” What is certain is that Jung definitely exudes unfettered freedom and immense grace.

Jung Ryeo-won


Yang Zi - A legacy of wonderment

Already a star in China at the tender age of seven, Yang Zi has always been careful to cherish and nurture her inner child. Fame and public appearances have not diminished her sense of pure joy: "I believe in fairy tales, and I see the good in the world. These are my beliefs. There is a part of my childhood that I want to preserve, and that can continue because I am surrounded by good people.”
Involved in various charitable projects, particularly for children, she maintains the importance of being an emancipated, and a financially independent woman. This is a cardinal value in her eyes: "It is this financial independence that enables us to go where we want and do what we like, without asking anyone for permission.” Now ranked among the most influential Chinese personalities, her strength has never overshadowed her ability to look at the world with tenderness, joy and wonder.

Yang Zi

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