Stand out from the crowd this fall


A new season is dawning and its roster of autumnal shades and layering envies is looking good. Standing out from this burgundy, mustard and forest green crowd starts with being who you are and letting your individuality shine. Chopard's Ice Cube Collection, an emblematic line, accompanies your every move, and gives a twist to all occasions, making you the star of the office, the dinner or the dance floor! These jewellery combos will make you noticeably different from the ordinary, so let Fall be the season to be bold, be unique.

Tip n°1 — Assert Your Individuality

Who wants to blend in with the wall paper? Your inner-self is asking to take over the show, so give it the stage! Make an impression with an all white silhouette combined with a brilliant geometrical necklace duet: adorn the night with Ice Cube, gracing your style with powerful jewellery crafted in 'Fairmined' certified gold. Only one mantra to follow this season: feel good, look good!

Stackable rings have been a sought-after trend in recent seasons, and it looks like it's here to stay. Nail cool-girl style with the right mix and match of minimalist rings for a golden Fall!

Tip n°2 — Don't Overplay

No need to overplay when you refresh your looks with a glorious dose of 18k gold. Whether you're into a white, rose or yellow rush, there's something here for you. Frame your face with minimalist earrings that are both office-friendly and glamorous enough to highlight your best features. Wear it strictly vertical or slightly rotate your bar earrings for more of an earcuff inspiration.

Add two bar necklaces in different tints for a graphic result. Express your own style, balanced with geometrical shapes added one after the other.

Tip n°3 — Be Bold

Confidence is everything. Chopard created the Ice Cube Collection for independant-minded, modern women constantly defying challenges.

Heading to some special event? Put a little swing every step of the way with a strong feminine piece like a bustier worn under an empowering blazer. Finish your look with stacked minimalist jewellery selected from the Ice Cube Pure Collection to make a difference. Forget about comprising between classy and contemporary! Make your choice from semi-set diamond-clouded necklaces to perfectly aligned ridges and peaks: this Fall, multi-layering is the key to achieve hype and sharp looks!

Tip n°4 — Show your true colors

Can it be sweater season already? There is nothing like a classical cashmere to celebrate Summer's Farewell Party in style. Though we really needed a sun-sand-sea session, our sartorial hearts are now screaming leather boots and effortless sweaters. In this ocean of cozy knitwear, however, Ice Cube's impeccable pieces are just what you need to score Fall like a fashion pro. Personalize the most simple ensemble with two of the same gold necklaces and create your very own combo of geometrical rings for the ultimate style. Our favorite? One single white gold ring paired with various rose gold worn as knuckle rings: the perfect balance between cool and trendy!

Welcome Fall, you're gold, solid gold.

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