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Happy Diamonds Seven ‘Happy Women’

To embody the free-spirited nature of Happy Diamonds, Caroline Scheufele has brought together seven Friends of the Maison radiating a peerless glow. With their enchanting smiles and vibrant energy, these seven Happy Women represent a strong, free and joyful way of living in the world: Deepika Padukone, Aja Naomi King, Jung Ryeo-won, Sadie Sink, Anne Nakamura, Dorra Zarrouk and Yang Zi have all grasped the codes of the collection to blaze their trail in a manner that is both singular and generous.

Close-up of Deepika Padukone

The Power of a Global Icon Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone is a critically acclaimed actor, producer and philanthropist from India. Along with her incredible talent, her commitment, discipline and hard work have propelled her to meteoric success; making her one of the most loved and successful figures in the world in recent times. Her splendid beauty and poise have made her a style and fashion icon. Her humility however, gives her achievements incredible substance. Above all, she remains genuinely affable.  

Close-up of Yung Ryeo

Countless stories and an ever-present smile Jung Ryeo-won

Actress, Jung Ryeo-Won is a leading figure in Korean cultural life. She began her career in the heart of pop culture and has since appeared in numerous television series, while also pursuing a career in film. Jung Ryeo-Won is a weaver of stories which she expresses through her multiple talents. Recounting, narrating, dancing, stirring emotions: Jung Ryeo-Won has cultivated the childhood gift of making life a daily reinvented adventure.

Close-up of Aja Naomi

The optimism of an actress and activist Aja Naomi King

Endowed with a radiant smile and an ingrained sense of optimism, Aja Naomi King seizes every chance that comes her way.  Her talent and tenacity have opened up opportunities to be part of critically acclaimed films. Active in promoting women's rights and racial equality and committed to changing representations of beauty, Aja Naomi King is a vibrant force for whom Joie de Vivre and laughter pave the way for a happier, more inclusive and egalitarian world. 

Close-up of Dorra Zarrouk

Generous eclecticism Dorra Zarrouk

In observing Dorra Zarrouk, it becomes abundantly clear why so many artistic projects have gravitated towards this generous and sensual personality. Her impressive CV reflects her radiance, the intensity with which she takes on life: nearly 30 films and as many series for television, documentaries and plays to her credit, rewarded by a number of accolades. Her motto for happiness? To laugh, to share time with the people she loves and to take care of them as well as herself, to never compare herself to anyone else and to cherish everything she already has.

Close-up of Sadie Sink

An icon of free and committed beauty Sadie Sink

Sadie Sink whose career began in theatre at the age of ten, has been playing the not-to-be-missed character of "Max" in the series Stranger Things since 2017. A tailor-made role which propelled this free-spirited, committed young woman to stardom. Commended for her vitality and enthusiasm, she is determined to use her influence to defend the environment. Today, she lends her captivating beauty to the exciting movements of Happy Diamonds and the values upheld by Chopard.

Close-up of Anne Nakamura

The beauty of a curious outlook Anne Nakamura

Anne Nakamura embodies the inherent elegance  of glowing beauty. An actress and natural aesthete, her radiant face testifies to an incredibly vibrant inner world and a generous personality. The perfection of her features reveals a serene mindset, a sense of harmony and a refreshing smile that embraces the world. 

Close-up of Yang Zi

A legacy of wonderment Yang Zi

Actress, singer and fashion model Yang Zi has built her career with powerful tenacity while safeguarding her inner child who continues to live and shine through in each of her roles. Involved in various charitable projects, particularly for children, Yang Zi is nonetheless an emancipated and independent woman whose strength has never overshadowed her ability to look at the world with tenderness and a sense of wonderment.