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Close-up from the chest to the lips of a metis woman wearing bangles, earrings and pendant from Chopard

Little diamonds do great things HAPPY HEARTS

The choice of a piece of Chopard jewellery is never meaningless. In addition to being aesthetically extraordinary, it carries a value that represents recognition and intimate affection. The choice of a Happy Hearts piece is that of a woman with a Big Heart, an everyday heroine for whom the commitments of the Chopard house are an echo of her own generosity. Inspired by the idea that she should not indulge herself at the expense of others, the woman with the Big Heart sees Happy Hearts designs as being truly coherent with her value system, intertwined with altruism.

Happy Hearts Bangle with gold and mother-of-pearl

Happy Hearts The emblem of Chopard jewellery

Combining coloured hearts with the legendary dancing diamonds – two elements chosen as symbols of the Maison – the Happy Hearts collection offers an assortment of creations to be worn as veritable talismans, both for the small joys of everyday life and for the sparkle of special occasions.

Happy Hearts Golden Hearts Bangle in rose gold and diamonds
Happy Hearts Golden Hearts Pendant in rose gold and diamonds
Happy Hearts Golden Hearts earrings in rose gold and diamonds
Happy Hearts Golden Hearts pendant in rose gold and diamonds


Through this new jewellery line, Co-President and Artistic Director Caroline Scheufele shares her vision of the James Bond Woman: a determined and courageous woman. The Happy Hearts - Golden Hearts Collection playfully alternating between a large golden heart with a smaller heart containing the famous dancing diamond, signature of the Maison and a symbol of freedom and adventure.

Liberated and generous HAPPY HEARTS WINGS

The curves of its wings form a beautiful heart in mid-air. The butterfly, the ideal symbol of lightness and metamorphosis, brings its full elegance, daintiness and symbolic strength to the Happy Hearts Wings collection.

Chopard golden ring new collection happy hearts flowers
Chopard golden ring new collection happy hearts flowers
Chopard golden ring new collection happy hearts flowers
Chopard golden ring new collection happy hearts flowers

Heart-shaped petals and a dancing diamond Happy Hearts Flowers

Happy Hearts Flowers plays on the symbol of the Maison by arranging a corolla of five hearts around a dancing diamond thus forming delicate and extremely feminine flowers. Fashioned in ethical 18-carat gold, bangle bracelets, rings, earrings and pendants enrich the garden of this line for Big-Hearted women.

Heap of happy hearts bangles

Emblematic piece BANGLES

Bangles confront each other in a gracious dance, with a coloured heart and a heart containing a mobile diamond at each end.

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These earrings perfectly sum up the full spirit of the collection: precious yet light, versatile yet faithful to its own style, colourful yet also understated. 

New happy hearts watch

Exclusive watches HAPPY HEARTS WATCH

The Big Heart of the Happy Hearts collection appears on the cheeky dial of the Happy Sport watch, the watchmaking achievement that for twenty-five years has been making mobile diamonds dance in a continually renewed Joie de Vivre.

two happy hearts bangles


Driven by a deep desire to support good causes, Chopard has chosen to associate its Happy Hearts collection with various not-for-profit associations led by women with big hearts: the Naked Heart Foundation, the All Hands and Hearts Foundation and the Education Above All Foundation.


At Chopard, Joie de Vivre is a founding principle, a breath of fresh air, a form of momentum that is meant to be shared. At the heart of each everyday action, it is this very movement that flutters and brings to life the endlessly renewed ballet of the mobile diamonds. Through the grace of a gesture, a generous sign of attention, or a smile, the entire universe lights up.

Montaigns and forest picture


We ensure that our high-quality materials are responsibly sourced. Since July 2018, Chopard has been using 100% ethical gold in the production of all its watches and jewellery.