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Close-up image of a Green carpet collection diamond cuff
Close-up image of a Green carpet collection diamond cuff

Green Carpet Challenge (GCC)

Whilst we apply our Corporate Responsibility and sourcing policies to all the materials we use in our pieces, we have focused on a few key materials to drive change in the supply chain. Thus, back in 2013, together with the Green Carpet Challenge directed by Mrs. Livia Firth, we designed and implemented initiatives that improve the lives and working conditions of producers in our supply chain, many of which are in developing countries. This is a long-term commitment that we call “The Journey to Sustainable Luxury”.
All materials featured in the Green Carpet Collection are assessed for their environmental and social credentials. Additionally, we carefully evaluate the provenance of the raw materials as only those whose origins can be traced can claim to be part of the Journey.
The world renowned GCC is a dynamic project, which pairs glamour and ethics to raise the profile of sustainable fashion. The GCC is regarded as the leading promoter of the beauty of ethical fashion worldwide and since its launch, it has involved all the major fashion designers in the world and an array of A-List celebrities on the biggest red carpets worldwide. By joining this initiative, Chopard confirms how powerful the alliance of ethics and esthetics can be by linking products, the supply chain and the people involved in extraction.
By applying high ethical and social benchmarking standards of the Green Carpet Challenge (GCC) Brandmark, Chopard has created stunning watch and jewelry collections made in responsibly sourced gold.
Close-up image a green carpet collection diamond pendant and ring with green leaves


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