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Close-up of Deepika with her hand under her chin

The Power of a Global Icon Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone is a critically acclaimed actor, producer and philanthropist from India. Along with her incredible talent, her commitment, discipline and hard work have propelled her to meteoric success; making her one of the most loved and successful figures in the world in recent times. 

Her splendid beauty and poise have made her a style and fashion icon. Her humility however, gives her achievements incredible substance.Above all, she remains genuinely affable. All of this while choosing to channel her popularity and influence and being solely responsible for transforming the landscape of mental health in India and around the world. An indispensable voice, she speaks of the fragility

and strength of the human mind, which she describes with great intelligence: “To accept the highs and the lows. To embrace the various emotions that we are challenged with every single day. And to live a life that is fueled by authenticity & purpose.” A strong mantra for a free spirit that bears witness to a deep humanity; making her a true global icon.

Her selection The Style of a Global Icon

Her favourite? The Happy Sport watch in gold, steel and diamonds. She matches it with elegant jewellery from the Happy Spirit collection which when put together evokes a sense of warmth, elegance and authenticity.


When joie de vivre flows through mind and body something very special takes place. We all have our signature Happy Move and this is what Deepika Padukone's looks like.


A touch of grace, inestimable poise – that’s Happy Style. Vibrant, free-spirited and exuding joie de vivre - see how an illustrious style icon owns it. Happiness reaches new levels. Discover how Deepika Padukone shapes the world – Happy-Style.


A Happy Woman wearing Chopard, Deepika Padukone shares with us what brings a smile to her face and fills her heart with joy. Discover how she embodies the free spirit of Happy Diamonds.

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