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  • A red-carpet fragrance to make heads & hearts turn that captures the glossy & glamorous spirit of Chopard’s love-life language. Chopard’s lively tribute to rose, queen of love, queen of flowers and of perfumery. All the most gorgeous roses in the world, spreading out their aura like a red carpet, twirling & dancing with a superb parade of natural scents, to create and play with multiple effects & emotions. Love Chopard is a flamboyant fragrance, sweet, seductive and complex. The ultimate adornment for any young diva to gorgeously walk her own everyday red carpet. Chopard love for nature is expressed at best in this modern luxurious rose fragrance with a superlative quantity & quality of ethical rose and natural ingredients responsibly sourced.

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[NO SPEECH] The film shows a beautiful young actress's (referred to as "she") on a day and evening during the Cannes Film Festival. She wears glamorous Chopard Jewels throughout.

[IMAGE]Opening shot of blue morning sky in Cannes. View of actress waking up in bed with fresh white sheets. She is wearing long diamond earrings and playing with a bouquet of red roses.

[IMAGE]She is on the balcony, smelling one of the long-stemmed red roses. Next shot where she is opening and smelling the Chopard new Fragrance. The bottle is red. She looks out of the window giving onto the balcony and has the fragrance in her hand.

[IMAGE]She is sitting at her vanity table, trying on magnificent diamond jewels that are presented on a red Chopard tray. Close-up of her earrings and red painted fingernails.

[IMAGE]Next shot she is descending a spiral staircase dressed in a long black gown. We see her walking down the jetty of the Hotel Martinez private beach where she is then photographed by paperazzi.

[IMAGE]She is sitting on the deck-chair among the photographers, giving an interview and playing with her diamond necklace.

[IMAGE]She is standing in a convertible car, driving down the Cannes Croisette. She blows kisses at her admirers.

[IMAGE]View of water at the beach. She is wearring a black bathing suit, a towel wrapped in a turban around her head, sunglasses and long earrings and diamond necklace. She signs autographs for her fans and makes her way down to the water's edge.

[IMAGE] Close-up of sand and her red fingernails sifting through it. She sits on a chair at the edge of the water and takes off the towel, ready for a dip.

[IMAGE]She is lying in the shallow water, having fun and being a diva. Close-up of the fragrance bottle - she holds it up to the sun. She draws a heart shape in the sand. We see her dipping again in the sea and lying on the sand.

[IMAGE]New scene of her wearing a long red dress. View of her descending from a car, close-up of her foot, wearing red high heeled sandal, touching the Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet.

[IMAGE]She makes her way along the carpet and up the festival stairs while photographers take her picture and call out to her. She is waving and smiling, her long dress and cape swirling around her. Standing at the top of the stairs where red roses are falling at her feet.

[IMAGE]View of her wearing a set of white diamond and red ruby jewels. Close-up view of her on the balcony, playing with her jewels and a rose. Alternating shots of her on balcony and on red carpet.

[IMAGE]Final shot of her in a close-up with red rose, smiling into camera.

[IMAGE]Closing Shot of Fragrance bottle with 3 roses strewn around. The bottle and flowers seem to be floating on water. Superimposed logo with " LOVE CHOPARD.THE NEW FRAGRANCE"

Love Chopard Fragrance bottle surrounded with Red Roses and water drops
Red roses surrounded with water drops
Red roses surrounded with water drops



All the most gorgeous roses in the world, spreading out their aura like a red carpet, twirling and dancing with a superb parade of natural scents, creating multiple emotions. Love Chopard is a flamboyant, sweet and seductive fragrance. The ultimate adornment for any young star who gorgeously walks her own red carpet every day.



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