People & Community

Care & Share Philosophy

Our people are an essential part of our success. As a family-owned company, caring for our employees, and celebrating our success with them, is of the highest importance. These values are deeply rooted within our brand and have remained consistent since the founding of Chopard by Karl Scheufele I.
We are proud to see our employee fidelity rate rise every year. This loyalty is an undeniable illustration of the positive work environment and family spirit we strive to share with all our staff members. We value and encourage diversity and gender equality, and are committed to providing an environment supportive of empowerment and equal opportunity for all of our employees. Chopard is proud to observe two rare phenomena in today's working world – generations of our artisans passing their expertise to their children to continue their family relationship with Chopard, as well as employees who celebrate 20+ years of loyal service.
Workplace well-being as well as health & safety at work programs not only have a positive impact on employee wellness, they also lead to a significant increase in team engagement, cohesiveness and overall ambiance. Chopard tackles emotional and mental health, social connectivity, positive attitude and many other themes through a number of “Work-life balance” initiatives developed specifically for our personnel.

Training & Development

Keenly aware that our personnel are the beating heart of our Maison, we give top priority to the training and development of our people. Continuously evolving technological, regulatory, environmental and other external factors require that employees constantly appraise their skills and capacities. Chopard trains its staff in operations, management and workplace health and safety, and in a number of “Métiers ‘d'Art” specialties directed at staff members working within the watchmaking and jewelry workshops where knowledge is shared between different generations. Due to the nature of the rare savoir-faire and traditions associated with our expertise, this on-the-job training very often constitutes the only source of knowledge enhancement.

In December 2013, Chopard inaugurated a new production facility - Fleurier Ebauches SA. This industrial facility produces mechanical movements that equip Chopard watches. Fleurier Ebauches is also home to a training center specifically designed for our employees across the world, and which provides watchmaking courses that allow us to provide impeccable service worldwide.

Apprenticeship Programs

The Scheufele family has always paid great attention to supporting watch and jewelry-making traditions and, thus, to training future generations. Consistent with the brand’s values and in a willingness to safeguard and pass on our know-how, the company created the first jewelry-training unit in 1980 in Meyrin. This was followed by variety of different units, such as a dedicated watchmaking school in Fleurier.
Chopard opts for highly comprehensive apprenticeship programs that preserve watch and jewelry professional skills. Each year, we recruit around 10 new apprentices. These young adults are supervised by an apprenticeship master who follows them throughout their four-year course. Each year the Maison trains about 40 apprentices in the following fields: jewelry, watchmaking, polymechanical, micromechanical and surface finishing.

The State of Geneva recognized our efforts by granting us the “Best Training Company Prize” in the “Applied Arts” category. Furthermore, two of our apprentices were recently rewarded by the State of Geneva for the best apprenticeship in jewelry and watchmaking.
After almost three decades of activity, we are happy to see that these training units have become a true Chopard tradition.