19 MAY 2018

An incredible love affair between Chopard and the Cannes Film Festival has been perpetually reinvented for the past 20 years. Veritable Happy Diamonds, the Maison’s icon, stage their own act clutched by the most elegant trendsetters, exuding their magic over a range of precious limited edition evening luxury leather bags from Chopard’s leatherwork collection. The prospect of a sparkling walk up the steps.
Dancing in the wake of a captivating whirlwind, vibrating at the heart of the inimitable Cannes tempo. Freedom of movement, the very essence of Happy Diamonds, launches into a lively pas de deux on the arm of the hidden heroine in each woman. Life so often imitates art (or is that the other way around?), the light step of Happy Diamonds enters the whirling pace of the red carpet in Cannes, in the form of these exclusive leather clutches. This limited and numbered edition encapsulates the encounter between two symbols embodying the ultimate in glamour: the legendary Cannes Film Festival and the bedazzlement of Happy Diamonds.

Veritable moving diamonds adorn the clutch

The Happy leatherwork collection makes its entrance onto the red carpet during the occasion of the Cannes Film Festival through a limited edition: an evening clutch with veritable Happy Diamonds dancing on a clasp of pink gold-plated brass clasp. Available in a black or champagne-coloured leather, this Happy Clutch Red Carpet Limited Edition is numbered from 1 to 71 for each colour. The number chosen is a tribute to the 71st edition of the Festival which is taking place this year from May 8th to 19th , as well as to the 71 High Jewellery creations in this year’s offering of the Red Carpet Collection which Caroline Scheufele, co-president and artistic director at Chopard, designs each year. As if escaped from the legendary Happy Diamonds watches that made the Maison famous, these authentic moving diamonds make their grand entrance between two sapphire crystals placed on the clasp of each leather clutch.
True to its principles and commitments, Chopard designed these leatherwork creations based on careful selection of the best possible materials and of course, ethical sourcing. The full-grain lambskin used comes from a family tannery in Italy; and the skin remains traceable from the field in which the animal was raised all the way through to the workshop. In addition, production follows a responsible process of waste treatment, and especially with regard to greywater. All of which is important because the intimacy and the secrets hidden in a woman’s handbag encompass its origins: ethics are the very heart of aesthetics.

The Happy leather bag collection

Inspired by its luxury watchmaking and diamond jewellery universe, the Happy luxury leather bag collection deploys the charms of its legendary signature on an entirely redesigned leatherwork line. Moving gems dance between two sapphire crystals, according to the same process as that used by Happy Diamonds and which transforms Chopard watches and jewellery into veritable talismans, exuding their distinctively joyful lightness. Luxury bags in this collection are available in versions enhanced with mother-of-pearl, malachite or opal whirling on the clasps, in a range of smooth or quilted leather colours, and variously interpreted as clutches, handbags or shoulder bags.

Chopard and the Cannes Film Festival

In 1998, Caroline Scheufele was asked by the President of the Cannes International Film Festival to redesign the Palme d’or and it was thus that Chopard bestowed its magic touch on a sacred icon. Therefore these two institutions crossed paths, never to part again. Chopard has been the official partner to the Cannes Film Festival since 1998, unremittingly strengthening and developing its ties with the world of film-making and regularly adorning stars on red carpets the world over with its most beautiful diamond jewellery.