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Care and repair



Make sure to buy a Chopard item only from authorised Chopard retailers to ensure that you receive an official Chopard certificate of origin and warranty, duly completed and dated, including the item reference number and the retailer’s contact information. Purchasing Chopard merchandise exclusively from authorised retailers is the only way to ensure that you are not purchasing stolen or counterfeit merchandise. Additionally, you will certainly enjoy the quality of service on par with your purchase. Visit our Store Locator to find out if a particular retailer is an official Chopard distributor.

WARNING: Chopard sells its products online exclusively through this website ( To avoid the risk of purchasing a counterfeit, we advise against making purchases through unauthorised websites.

The only way to avoid the risk of purchasing a counterfeit or stolen item is to buy your Chopard item from an official retailer. Only an analysis of the watch or jewellery piece in our workshops will be able to prove its authenticity. This service has a fee associated with it.